The new guy made friends pretty quickly
(10-20-2015, 07:00 PM)MercyTiara Wrote: Miss Edith: he was listed as a feeler on the Pullip Sales FB group very briefly- I messaged the seller right away and made him mine. I hadn't seen him for sale anywhere since he sold out. I nabbed Ni-Ya (not as hard to find has Hitsugi, but not easy to find either) on that group in the spring too. Yomi will be on his way to me on Monday... Also from that group. And I found my Grail, Elisabeth on there too. I'm seriously done now though. There is only one other doll I want now and I'll wait for him as he's not even sold out yet.

thanks for letting me know smile I only recently found out about that group & joined. I have seen some lovely dolls on there already.

Congrats on getting your family settled smile I wish I could have ever done that LOL
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