Updated 2016-06-19: Kiki & Chrysanthemum Customs (see last page for updates!)
Updated 2016-06-19

More pics at the end!

Update 2016-12-17

I've got more photos!

This is Mariella for abeautifullittlefool. She was a My Select Frara and we redid her eyebrows as well as added a little smile.
[Image: 23670371961_6ba955b438_z.jpg]

Original post

So.. I haven't been here in a... long, long while, but I have been a busy bee! Officially my customizing service (in partnership with the great Mum) has opened and we've been working on a lot of customs. I just want to share with you guys everything we've done so far. (I should also update my commission page shouldn't I? grin )

Note you can find more photos of all my customs at my Flickr or Facebook page. There is also info on our Facebook page about commission prices and process of commissioning me. Slots are open!
Flickr: www.flickr.com/kikiandherdolls
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kikiandchrysanthemum/

So I'd like to start off with our very first work from the summer. abeautifullittlefool asked us to give her Mao some smexy eyebrows. So here they are!

And check out abeautifullittlefool's photos of Vince put together here!
[Image: 17566790655_9fa9cf47a2_z.jpg]

So then I customed this lovely for myself. I think this was my first work after a year of hiatus (Vince from above was completed by the mums). She turned out very nicely.
[Image: 17136401043_709b364be1_z.jpg]

Our next custom was a Bouquet who became Deborah Kerr, who played Anna from an early version of "The King and I."
[Image: 18449627810_85c9ae2e1e_z.jpg]

And there was the inevitable anime custom. This is my take on Megurine Luka! If only I had a pink wig for her back then....
[Image: 19166830368_61a0c63b75_z.jpg]

So there was also a question for Princess Zelda. I wish I had a photo of just her head, but unfortunately my flash went all wrong when I took those photos so I'll spare you the horror of them and show this one instead.
[Image: 19562667700_7a83089553_z.jpg]

And this customer requested for a mini-me (not me, but her). This was our first time working on a Nahh-ato and gosh, her skin tone is beautiful.
[Image: 19346773664_29dd1e8e55_z.jpg]

And boom! My first Isul custom! This was an MIO gifted to me by abeautifullittlefool and his name is Peter. I love him to bits and think he's the bee's knees. (What does that even mean anyway?) This design is complete mine and I also made his eye chips. Clearly I also figured out that there was a better way to showcase my face ups in a single photo rather than taking a zillion photos of different angles of the same doll. I just felt bad for spamming the people that followed me on Flickr.
[Image: 20159251948_76493a7c43_z.jpg]

So then around the same time, I won Grand Prize for the Art and Photo Contest for PUDDLE. Once again, thank you to all the judges and Truefan! I still can't believe I won. Anyway, I ended up customizing the Yeolume since she is too cute to pass up. This is Cora! (Mom really loves her and thinks she's one of our best works.)
[Image: 20159423110_6fc5df36ff_z.jpg]

For those who know Omocha Crush (from Youtube, she does a lot of Pullip reviews), I was lucky enough to make her a custom. This is Helen of Troy.
[Image: 20160995109_8b16dd5aea_z.jpg]

And then I got my first BJD in the summer and after a lot of planning, I finally found the perfect face for her. I know this isn't strictly a Pullip but since everything else here are Pullips, I figured one BJD would be okay? grin
[Image: 20670225135_b678567322_z.jpg]

Wow! You're still here reading this post? I know it's probably been a lot of scrolling but I think we're half way done! Hopefully you've enjoyed the photos so far.

So this next baby is another MIO (not for me sadly), but after seeing Peter, my friend who owned the kit wanted something similar. So meet Miles!
[Image: 21364190231_2c81399400_z.jpg]

I also got a chance to make another friend. *aquabliss* from Flickr is a fantastic photographer and overall lovely person to talk to. She wanted a vintage aviator girl with a little pin-up flair. Hence Birdie here. She also really loved my first every custom and wanted a faceup that was similar. So Birdie and Summer are technically sisters.

If your interested in some completed photos of Birdie, click here for Birdie's Flickr album!
[Image: 20734875433_12d19e965e_z.jpg]

I met someone who was a fan of Tori Amos and wanted a custom of her. So here's Tori!
[Image: 20733392474_9c2e752968_z.jpg]

And then Mercytiara approached me about doing some tattoos for her Natsume. She did a video review of my work (thank you!). But here are the results!
[Image: 20735184254_44bf3296fc_c.jpg]

We're nearly done! This is Raffaelo (used to be Helios), also for *aquabliss*. She wanted a little boy with a more solemn personality and I was only too happy to help her out. His faceup is inspired by the main character of the movie "Little Boy". I recommend it to everyone!
[Image: 23436833705_74c938fc0d_z.jpg]

At the same time, we touched up the faceup of another one of *aquabliss*'s dolls. This is Luna who was originally a custom by MayYeo. But *aquabliss* was looking for more of a smirking mouth, so we only sanded Luna's lips and touched up on the shape. Check out Luna's album here!
[Image: 22916835183_bf0a7708e0_z.jpg]

And finally! Finally... we are up to date with all my customs of this year. Rounding everything off is this customed Ala. The customer wanted a Prunella faceup but was also interested in the Jasmine (the Disney princess). So we did an amalgamation of the two. The faceup structure is inspired by Prunella, but the colour scheme involves more earthy tones as befitting an Arabian princess.
[Image: 23304185930_feb83604d4_z.jpg]

So that's everything so far! I actually still have at least two to three more customs that I haven't uploaded to Flickr, but hopefully that's enough eye candy for now. Wouldn't want y'all to lose your appetite for dinner! (That is a terrible joke/pun, I'm sorry. But I couldn't help it.)

For some of these dolls, I did take photos of them after I put them back together with a body and a wig. Are people interested in those photos? Let me know!

Hope everyone enjoyed this post and feel free to ask me questions!
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They're all so beautiful! I love that expression on Luna, and Raffaelo is gorgeous! The eyelids for Helen of Troy are gorgeous!
[Image: PAA_zpsf228551a.png]
~Parfait (Dal Heart Macaron), Alice (Pullip Alice du Jardin), and Amethyst (Custom MIO Pullip), my most special dolls <3~

*Sprites made by me*

Thank you PullipPrincess!
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Love those eye chips you made for Peter-- wow!!
Thank you dargosmydaddy! I actually also made a majority of the other eye chips. grin
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Wow o.O Busy is right!
They are all so cute!! I particularly love Peter, Helen & Miles's eyechips. And Luna's little smile. It's so neat that you can share this with your mom. I'm sure you'll have no shortage of future custom requests.
And YES, photos of (more of) them put together and finished! I looked at the albums -- lovely photos.
[Image: 52753689362_648099ee70_o.jpg]
[Image: 52754230731_a6068b46d4_o.jpg][Image: 50534896333_d4a2b8e718_o.jpg][Image: 52754472289_1f6d6c34b1_o.jpg][Image: 49782607208_b108a0ee26_o.jpg]
they are all gorgeous. To me it seems like you have a special talent for reading an isul doll's heart. I can't take my eyes off of them Happy[/code]
Thank you Alliecat! I made Helen's eye chips as well but Miles' were from KiraKira. And wouldn't believe how much trouble it was to custom over another custom! I think I never really want to do it again... it's so easy to ruin a custom when you sand. I'll be sure to post some photos of the completed dolls when I get a chance!

Thank you Offgenemi! Glad you like the Isuls! I enjoy doing face ups for them and giving them a proper boy face. It's a real shame that not more people are into these dolls as they have a lovely sculpt!
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I love freckles on the Pullip family and you create amazing freckles. Beautiful work.
Thanks PollyPut the KettleOn! grin
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These are amazing! I really love how you paint their lips. smile
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Thanks martah! Glad you like them! grin
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Oh how beautiful they all are!!
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you do truly beautiful work smile I love how you paint lips especially, and the chips and freckles and and ...

My favourites are Tori Amos (the eyelids Heart 2 ) the adorable Yeolume & Deborah Kerr - oh and Miles' eyechips smile
Arashi N&B - Rayne N&B - Alfred
Thanks Missy Crane!

And thank you Miss Edith. I can't take credit for Miles' eye chips, they're KiraKira. But I'm glad you like my other stuff! I really like my Yeolume as well. grin
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