Rayne, Another King, Arion stock, Tantus stock and custom Taeyang
Hi guys, I've recently been thinking about some of my dolls who have sadly been in boxes for the last couple of years, and I'd rather they went to new homes as I don't have room to display them all so I'm going to only keep the ones that I already have on display. Therefore I'm trying to find some prices for:

*Taeyang Another King: one hand broken (clean break, can be glued back on, but obviously means no movement), will full stock but no wig, new eyechips.
*Taeyang Rayne: perfect condition, nude and bald, coolcat eyechips.
*Stock for Taeyang Arion: Missing shoes, otherwise perfect condition.
*Stock for Tantus: Missing sash and shoes, otherwise perfect condition.
*I also have a Taeyang head that has been custom painted and modified to fit onto a pullip body - done by myufish. I'm aware this is much more difficult to price up, so I've included some pictures:

[Image: ftja77.jpg]
[Image: 2093578.jpg]
[Image: 250rxgo.jpg]

Thanks! <3

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