Thank you so much everyone! Your support and encouragement mean a lot to me Heart. I feel better already. I'm mostly stressed due to money worries and school. But looks like I will get some BJD fantasy parts sold so I will get by this month (I'm glad I was right about those being easy to sell at least).

@vertefae: Thank you so much Heart. I will of course not give up, I love doing this yay. But relying on it as a income would not be possible now. And that's not really a big part of my future plan anyway. I plan for it more to be a supplement, but of course I hope things will be better soon.

@Kira: It really is awesome that you prefer my customs over anyone elses grin. Makes me feel special you know wink. I should feel better soon, well I already do. Just got some general life stuff to sort out as well. Everything together makes it stressful.

@Pink Haired Freak: Thank you, I hope you will be able to of course grin. I want to make customs for everyone who wants them wink. And I have worked on finding my style, though some of it just comes naturally I guess.

@Missy: I wish we all were rich so we could buy all the dollies we want LOL. I'm really happy to have recruited you into the Blythe hobby, it's really awesome. Mostly I know that I'm doing my best for my dolls, and that they are very nice. Must be since I want to keep them all if I could ;P. But I also know that it takes a lot of hard work to get to the place were customizers like Gbaby are. She does amazing work, my Charlotte will vouch for that wink. But she has also been doing this for many years. And her earlier customs aren't any nicer than anyone else just starting out, she admitted that herself wink. She really is a great person as well. So I know it will take time, and I will just have to work hard. But it will be worth it, it gives me so much joy making others happy with my dolls grin.

@Haint Blue: Thank you Heart. I'm glad you like the freckles. The outfit is her own stock outfit actually. I thought it suited her well after her makeover as well, so I figured she can be sold with it yay.

Indeed, I too hope the market improves. It seems it's mostly stock dolls or customs by the more famous always popular customizers that sell. After splurging on two custom girls this year I will only be buying stock dolls the rest of the year I think. When I need more for my work.
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