Guinevere - Kiki & Chrysanthemum Custom #21
It's been a while! Here is Kiki and the Mums' 21st custom faceup, Guinevere for Ashley!

Ashley approached us with a doll project which she had for a while. She wasn't too sure about the character she had created and so, gave us full artistic liberty to do what we imagined for the doll. We had been interested in trying some new things for a while and so took this as the perfect opportunity to do so.

Ashley wanted Guinevere to be like a medieval lady, but given her colourful wig, we decided to go with a more fantasy look. Her facial features are loosely based on Olivia Hussey, the actress who played the 1968's film adaption of William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet".

Guinevere is Kiki and the Mums' most colourful custom yet, with rainbow blush that includes pink, red, magenta, violet and blue. She has dazzling light green-gold eyes framed by expressive purple eyebrows that give her a thoughtful expression. Her lips are a vibrant shade of rosy pink, with a slight iridescent shimmer. Her eyelids feature fantastical hand-painted swirling pearlescent patterns, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's famous "Starry Night". It only seemed appropriate that such a lovely girl had eyelids like the wondrous galaxies that appear in our night sky.

Guinevere was truly a pleasure to work on and we hope she makes Ashley very happy.

Model: Guinevere
Custom by Kiki & Chrysanthemum. Eyes by Kiki. Clothes by Chrysanthemum. Wig from eBay.

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