Hunaja's rest of the crew~ *28.10.2016 Mostly Azones*
First pics of my Momoko, who I took for test try on smaller wigs, but it was actually so nice on her she is keeping it! yay

[Image: DSCF7970.jpg]

[Image: DSCF7972.jpg]

She also got her name because of it, Kana or Kanako. (I first thought just Kana, but it is Finnish too, and it means chicken, soooo... Sweatdrop )

[Image: DSCF7618.jpg]
My Silkstone barbies. smile

Thanks for looking! yay
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they are all very cute. i would love to get a momoko and a silkie one day smile i actually ordered the articulated silkie but canceled the order when i saw the reviews about the body.
I have some Barbie Silkstones I love yours!
Pretty dresses -- they all look ready for a party!
[Image: 52753689362_648099ee70_o.jpg]
[Image: 52754230731_a6068b46d4_o.jpg][Image: 50534896333_d4a2b8e718_o.jpg][Image: 52754472289_1f6d6c34b1_o.jpg][Image: 49782607208_b108a0ee26_o.jpg]
That wig looks very nice on your Momoko. Does she still have her original hair?

I started collecting Silkstones when they first came out. And then I decided they weren't for me, so I sold them all. But I still enjoy looking at photos of them. Yours look lovely.
Thank you so much everyone! Heart I am glad you liked! I hopefully will post here some more later, I have a lot of dollies not fitting any other areas, so! LOL

And that is all my Silkstones, and I still don't have one wit bent(?) arm or the redhead! (I like those best, but there wasn't one. And I would prefer without blue eyeshadow, and this combo is about impossible to find... Sweatdrop I got them second hand in good price range, so I thought even if I didn't like them I could probably sell them. They were even both NRFB, tough the box had been opened.) I haven't seen the new ones IRL but I am curious of the body so I might try it later. Who knows. I am pretty sure I will end up with more on some point. Sweatdrop

I like they are really good quality. I also like the 90s body they have (it will always be "the barbie body" for me) and the old style head, I think the combo works really well. Heart They are also heavier than normal barbies, it kinda reminds me of resin, but I don't think it is the same/as heavy. It is also more harder and the legs are hard too so they don't bend. I love how elegant they put up with anything, even with more casual clothing, they look so gorgeous!

Cornflower Blue: Actually no, she doesn't. They have rooted hair, so in order to put in a wig you need to cut it off. It was already bald when I got her, she had blue wig on. Before it was sold to me, she still had her hair, so the last owner have cut it off. Too bad they didnt just cut it short, but removed all the hair. It makes it bit tricky to hold on wigs, especially heavier/hair ones. The head is so tiny!

Heh, for me it took years. And on 2012 after my divorce, I decided that one day, I will buy a silky. Took 3 years, but finally have them! yay
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Here is one pic of my probably favourite bratz girl! She reminds me of Pullip Mitzi, she even had kitty (cheetah) pattern outfit... yay
(Her hair is more orange, it looks kinda dark/red in the pic. Not as light as Mitzi's tough, but still.)

[Image: DSCF8249.jpg]
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Last pics from the summer challenge. I totally forgot them when i got sick and had to get back on track and had other things. Well here they are anyway.

Week 11 (from meeting)
[Image: DSCF8926.jpg]

[Image: DSCF8929.jpg]

[Image: DSCF9002.jpg]

[Image: DSCF9243.jpg]

Week 12:
[Image: po.jpg]
Azone Asuna Titania (Sword Art Online)

Viikko 13:
[Image: DSCF9340.jpg]
How on earth I made her into slenderbunny?!? :o

[Image: DSCF9349.jpg]
She is cutie like this normally.

Week 14: (last week)
[Image: DSCF9357.jpg]
And the last doll to arrive before the challenge ended: Azone Peridot Maya. (Twinkle ala mode.)

[Image: DSCF9371.jpg]

Finally it's done! XD
Now I can focus on the photoshoots I still have to post... Pläh.
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All of these cute Azones, super adorable!
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(11-02-2016, 11:35 PM)martah Wrote: All of these cute Azones, super adorable!

You stole the words off of my keyboard! smile So adorable~

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