Pullip MIO
I'm new to the Pullip world and let me just say I'm in love with the way they look! I've been wanting to buy the Pullip MIO kit but everyone seems to be out of stock or selling it for over $100, anyone know where I could buy one for less? yay
Thanks everyone!
Hey MadyHatty! Welcome!

Honestly, at the moment there are few MIO Pullip kits. Near the end of this month or in October they will be coming back in stock from Groove(official store):


OR - Pullipstyle (recommended online seller of Pullips) will have them shortly thereafter, if they don't put up a pre-order of their own soon.

They should be around or right under 50 bucks with shipping and whatnot.

Hope this is helpful.
Oh my gosh thank you so much! Happy hate to bother again but are there websites you recommend to get wigs from?
People around here looove Leekeworld wigs. http://www.leekeworld.com/En/

You can find more helpful forum threads here:


That's where I started looking around on here, to find what kind of direction I wanted to go for customizing my Isul MIO. Etsy has some great sellers as well.

I'm sure some seasoned Pullip veterans on here will have some more useful tidbits soon for you. wink
Sometimes you can get a good price on a second hand wig on the marketplace here, once you have met the requirements to get access to it.
Welcome smile Hope you get your MIO kit soon.
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