Belldandy ~ Blushing♥Bride (Anime, "Ah! My Goddess")

1/6 scale, 11in./27cm. character doll, custom hybrid of OBITSU corp. doll body mated with late-1990's TAKARA/HOBBY BASE Belldandy doll head;

[Image: BelldandyheartsBride%2010-15-16%201_zpswtlzx38d.png]

[Image: BelldandyheartsBride%2010-15-16%202_zpsiktbrmur.jpg]

[Image: Belldandyhearts%209-3-16%20%201_zpsze8nohct.png]

[Image: KGrHqZHJBQFBE9BIcBQyfMEJ7560_57_zpsc74c7d1c.jpg]

[Image: BelldandyTAKARA12-21-141_zpsaab3dfd8.png]
[Image: A_Night_at_Konomi_19-10-23_FULLSIZE.png?]
She looks like she came on the old Azone/Super Action Jenny body. The Obitsu is a nice improvement. Love that tiny Gundum/mecha in the first photo.

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