Princess Belle! [Blings Doll]
The box is cute, her face is cute, and her feet!!

[Image: 31437535595_9f7b57f383_c.jpg]
[Image: 31400950066_724d8681aa_z.jpg]
[Image: 31400951256_e43fc7ca3a_z.jpg]


I've to go deal with some stuff now so I'll continue the rest of the reveal tomorrow yay Hope you like her!
So adorable!! Super happy you found her as well. What a sweet face, and I love her hands. smile
She is super duper adorable!
Thank you! I need to make her more clothes smile
She's very cute! I don't didn't know about the hearts on the feet. That's a nice touch.
Thank you, she is! smile I'm actually thinking if I should paint them because they are quite difficult to see otherwise.
Aww she is so cute! <3 So adorable!

[Image: DSCF7264.jpg]
Let my Bunny-Blings say hi to your! Can't wait to see more pics of her! Mine has soft body, so I am really interested how hers is! (So yeah, she can't remove her bunnysuit!)
It is interesting how they are different! (She can suck her thumb right?)

I really want couple more, I love those with the cute animal shoes and otfits! :3
Blog ^___^
Ahh yours is so cute! That version is on my wishlist right

Actually her thumb misses her face (how to say?) So she doesn't actually suck on it. I have one photo of her nude on my blog, but because the body is quite detailed I skipped posting more ^^;

Does the plushy type have wire in the limbs or is it floppy?
How interesting! I didn't realize they had two different kinds of bodies.

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