Blank Flowers with Evilyn
[Image: 31790402713_300a4a0112_z.jpg]Blank Flowers by Antique Wolf, on Flickr

When I was a kid I used to think white flowers were just blank flowers. As if they had lost their color somehow.
I don't know why I don't photograph Evilyn as much she is so so lovely! She's actually kinda hard to dress because of her her gorgeous coloring. Its hard for me to dress her in anythings thats not black, green, or white.
such a peaceful beautiful photo smile

Which girl is Evilyn?
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I love the blank flowers smile she sure looks among them. Is she galene? She would probably look great in green and red as well.
"Blank flowers" -- ha, such a cute idea. Great photo and she looks like she's inhaling a heavenly fragrance smile
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Really pretty photo!
She looks so sweet. I love how the flowers are surrounding her. Happy
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A gorgeous photo! It makes me yearn for spring.
She looks so pretty. Wonderful photo.
This is a beautiful photo! ;o;
Blank flowers is actually a very pretty and poetic idea.

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