licca clean up help
i got this little girl, she is a 3rd generation licca i think. how can i clean her face. there is tiny scratches , and maybe some yellowing on her face. the thing is her body is tan-ish. so if i use acne cream will it go to its original color or will it go lighter?
i never restored this type of doll ( or any other). i would really appreciate any input.

[Image: 33175832876_ca3b3acdef.jpg]Untitled by goche moche, on Flickr

i dont know if it is visible but her face color changes as you go towards hair line. it matches her body better, front looks yellow
[Image: 33089438221_6cc3dd034d.jpg]Untitled by goche moche, on Flickr

of course she looks perfect but i cant see tiny little black scratches on her face
[Image: 33175832996_ea4be675a4.jpg]Untitled by goche moche, on Flickr

thank you for looking!

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