Feedback for s1dthesqu1d
I don't really have feedback from elsewhere? I haven't really ever sold anything before Sweatdrop
Looking for: Dal Lucia, Sentimental Noon, Taeyang Richt

+1 as a buyer. Lovely to do business with; fab communications, fast payment. Very highly recommended! Heart
PULLIPS: Haute NY, Catwoman, Another Queen, Kaela, Ala
TAEYANGS: Another King, Romantic King, Hook

For Sale: Rovam, Souseiseki, Lead, Shade
+1 as a buyer! Great communication, easy and fast transaction. (Sorry for the late feedback!)
+1 as a buyer

Great communication and prompt payment. Happy to do business with you again, friend!
+1 as a buyer & +1 as a trader!

I forgot to do this before, sorry, but we did a trade a little bit ago and she included an extra stock I was looking for. ❤️ Also just recently bought a doll from me. Smooth transactions both times, thank you smile

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