So-Cal Doll Meetup (Torrance, CA. USA) for Sept 23, 2017
Hello ~! was wondering if any other forum goers were planning to attend this Meetup! here are the details since I came accross it on Facebook:

Event Link:

DATE/TIME: September 23, 2017 (Saturday)
LOCATION: Mitsuwa Marketplace (food court tables)
21515 S Western Ave, Torrance, California 90501
THEME etc: Back To School

Hello friends, if you are in the southern California area, Mark your calendar, grab your dolls and come!

Please join us for our L.A. Region Doll Meet up. Enjoy the asian doll community. All Doll brands are welcomed (ie. Bjd, Azone, Pure Neemos, Kiki Pop, Dolfie Dreams, Mama chaps, Licca, Volks, Smart Dolls, Blythe, Pullip, Mini Dolfie, 1/3, 1/6, Etc!!! Please bring stands or furniture to pose). Come celebrate the japanese doll hobby, enjoy some food, community, make new friends, take pictures, do some shopping or trading.

The theme is BACK 2 SCHOOL (This is optional but very fun) think school uniforms, backpacks, school supplies, P.E. clothes, Etc). It is a public space so please keep outfits family friendly as we have a lot of curious people that come to look of all ages.

This will be held at the Mitsuwa Japanese Market. They have food, souvenirs, and so much more. We will be at the table seating area near the Anime Shop. Feel free to bring your fav. snacks to share. Also there is a japanese market and a food court there as well so don't forget your wallet. There are also 2 Daiso Japan stores nearby.

More info to come. Please share with a friend and post event link. Thank you.

- Doll & Bjd Meet Ups (L.A. Region)

This meet-up/swap/trade event will be my first. It's for all BJDs and more and I'm planning to attend with one other friend! I hope to have my custom Isul done by then~!
I'm going! I'm thinking of bringing Minuet and Little Olly. I went to the one earlier this year and I enjoyed it. The host is very friendly and I love Mitsuwa smile
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