It's not even that cold....
Raleigh is just exaggerating with that scarf and hat!

God, I haven't posted an actual photoshoot in FOREVER. Lately(and those have been few and far between) I've just taken single photos and not shoots. I decided to change that today and took Raleigh out for the first time in a while for photos. <3 I missed him so much.

[Image: 26712008189_b88d864565_z.jpg]It's not even that cold.... by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 38431978086_71f20280a8_z.jpg]It's not even that cold.... by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 26712013449_cd0dcc9918_z.jpg]It's not even that cold.... by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 26711997389_080c47cdcd_z.jpg]It's not even that cold.... by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 38431973256_d6e6bd8573_z.jpg]It's not even that cold.... by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 26712080499_6210f3e436_z.jpg]It's not even that cold.... by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 26711982559_3b0885e26e_z.jpg]It's not even that cold.... by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 26712001469_d4ac80890b_z.jpg]photobombed by Haley, on Flickr
We got photobombed.
[Image: 38431968946_85e691fff3_z.jpg]a friend by Haley, on Flickr

Thanks for looking!!!! <3
Aw! Love his ensemble, and that first picture in particular is just lovely!
he looks so good in the warm clothes, I don't blame him for wearing them - needed or not LOL I love the last pic, he likes the kitty Heart 2
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Yeah I'm a sweaters as soon as it's below summer temperatures person so I'm right there with him! Love the cat pic!
The kitty picture turned out great! Thanks for sharing all the fun pics.
Looks like fun. What a great little jacket, and it's a nice setting for photos. Love the kitty photo bomb smile
[Image: 52753689362_648099ee70_o.jpg]
[Image: 52754230731_a6068b46d4_o.jpg][Image: 50534896333_d4a2b8e718_o.jpg][Image: 52754472289_1f6d6c34b1_o.jpg][Image: 49782607208_b108a0ee26_o.jpg]
Great to see Raleigh again! The photos have a nice fall feeling with all the leaves on the ground.
Excellent expression of autumn!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
He is very charming in fall outfit . I love how kitty showed its affection towards him smile I missed your photos , hope you get to post often
Hehe, I think Raleigh is just like me - we both can't wait to accessorize and look cute in our winter gear ! Cute knitwear is the only thing good about winter Tongue
Thank you all so so much for the comments!! <3 I'll try to start posting more often!
I think he looks very crazy in his hat and scarf. So perfect for the fall weather. Love the last photo with your cat. Happy
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