Pullip Kayano
They announced a new Pullip and she's gorgeous. She looks like Prunella bought BRH's wig and stole from Lan Ai's closet. http://groovepullip.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-524.html

Pullip Kayano

Those open-ended sleeves on what's supposed to be a kimono are driving me nuts, though. They're called ko-sode for a reason!)
I am absolutely smitten with her. I really wanted a prunella and groove accepted my prayers and made her stock perfect for me! I love kimono and her style is very unique and I am sure fishy you know this style ? If you do please educate me. I have kimono Hime magazines (mook?) at home this style reminds me of those models. If I could change one thing it would be her hat but even that is fine with me! I will hit buy the money pullip style lists her (I hope)
It looks like kimono-hime crossed with wa-loli. I'm not 100% sure though; I'm more familiar with the traditional styles like court clothing.
I really like her hair and face-up!
She's really cute--I wouldn't mind adding her to my collection! It's been a really long time since I have been truly impressed with a Pullip release. Her vibrant coloring is very eye-catching.
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Not my style, but I'll be interested to see more pictures of her face up, and what the wig looks like without the hat. And yay for new releases!

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