Nakoruru's improved Faceup, as of 7/2018
i've been working hard, off and on, to improve the eyework on this girl,
since her eye printing is ever so off of proper symmetrical relation to her nose/mouth.

most examples of her i've seen out there suffer the same defect, to greater or lesser degree,
and nearly all have been offered up at many times the $13.00 (shipped) price i got mine for,
so i've been resolved to do the best i can to tweak and correct her eyes with what small scale paintbrush skill i have.

the best possible solution would be to take her head down to blank, and apply an appropriate set of eye decals,
or, attempt to reconstruct the eyework from scratch with the brush, however, i worry what an agent, potent enough to remove the original eye printing,
might do to the vinyl of the head in the process, and i just find myself unwilling to take such a risk on the head of an uncommon, nominally expensive doll of one of my most beloved characters.

in any case, this the best i've managed yet, and, probably just as good as i can possibly get things, without taking extreme and highly risky measures;

[Image: Nakoruru%207-30-18.jpg]

[Image: Nakoruru%207-31-18.jpg]
[Image: A_Night_at_Konomi_19-10-23_FULLSIZE.png?]
She's looking mighty cute, there!

She kind of reminds me of Marlo Thomas in That Girl. (Okay, I'm toddling back to my rocking chair on the porch, now.)
They're not dolls, they're action figures!

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