Pullip DEBUT! (Wind Limited Edition) - Review and low-def gallery.
After one incredible stroke of luck on Ebay, I found the first ever Pullip, the numero uno, the very limited

DEBUT! (Wind special edition) I'm naming her Debbie Windfall. Happy

[Image: MU7gMrZ.jpg]

I got her for 163$US shipped by EMS from Japan to Canada. Took less than a week to arrive!

[Image: nLXoiKt.jpg]
[Image: vd10zUv.jpg]
[Image: 9MoQgZ7.jpg]

I was very careful when unboxing and I made sure to replace all the twist ties back in their places.
No collector card (did they even exist then?) but a nice promo pamphlet:

[Image: J9ZRPpw.jpg]
[Image: YuPI44W.jpg]

The bike barely have any plastics and is mostly diecast. It's details are incredible. The pedal, the breaks, everything work! The kickstand cannot be lifted up however.

[Image: mCPvMN7.jpg]
[Image: hl64jh5.jpg]
[Image: r75CkLw.jpg]
[Image: EZiUaUu.jpg]
[Image: cBZraHz.jpg]
[Image: ihj61zi.jpg]
[Image: 3ua1054.jpg]
[Image: rZvjCMr.jpg]

The backpack is cute and look realistic.

[Image: yLOISp9.jpg]
[Image: tBZWDt5.jpg]

Unfortunately, the rooted hair are a poor frizzy mess.

[Image: iyepvcc.jpg]
[Image: 80osgdz.jpg]
[Image: JhaiZsp.jpg]
But I will never dare to try to unfrizzy that. Not after the Holly incident. Still, having wild hair do fit her style. So I can forgive it.

[Image: 3wOvofX.jpg]

Her face-up is very basic. So basic that my unskilled hands can do better! It really look like a prototype.

[Image: whYpoZr.jpg]

Even more in the prototype spirit, there's that creepy gap between the eye and the faceplate. A "Blythe gap" if you will.

[Image: eFD6GuC.jpg]

Of course, her eyes can't stay closed but they don't close completely either. May be a T-1 thing.

[Image: apOVTz2.jpg]

Her eyechips are pretty special. Like the ones that came with the Dal MIO kit, but this time painted right.

[Image: iUvyx9y.jpg]
[Image: JwoWG7g.jpg]

A major flaw with this premium kit is the bike is too small for Debby. Plus sitting her on that bike is a struggle. The T-1 body have an extra ab-crunch point of articulation that is too weak to properly support the heavy head. It flop around like a rag doll, making posing difficult. Plus the saddle of the bike is made out of slippery metal. So poor Debby just slide off the bike over and over. That bike would be perfect for a current Dal or Byul, but it's no good for Pullip of any kind.
Plus there's some weird metallic sound binging and tanging from the doll as you manipulate her. A bit worrying.

Still, when one manage to finally make her pose on the bike, the overall look is just fantastic. Well worth the effort! However, it's very unstable and just breathe on her wrong and poor Debbie will "faint".

[Image: gapduLG.jpg]
[Image: ioK4mIS.jpg]
That headscarf is cool!
[Image: xzznqn5.jpg]

[Image: et36wTl.jpg]
The T-1 body sure have.... well, video below have the right words:

[Image: LZ6PgPW.jpg]
That chain is cool but I do hope Debbie place it the right way before riding her bike. You know, to avoid some... surprize... Sweatdrop

[Image: pQfrYbI.jpg]
[Image: EXBgjT9.jpg]

I don't think having hair long enough to reach the ground when biking is a good idea. But shhhhhh… Cartoon physics! LOL

[Image: CO11aUE.jpg]
[Image: IaHaIYj.jpg]
[Image: cnMGngJ.jpg]
[Image: 6aURoVg.jpg]
[Image: w34keuX.jpg]

Hard to see here but underneath the T-1 body, meaning all the back side, is a SEA OF SCREWS! Whacked This make poor Debbie look like a Frankenstein monster! So in order for her not to look... screwed… One must pose her the right way. BTW, her left hand is floppy-loose. Oh well.

[Image: yjQnyg7.jpg]
[Image: eHbvsWG.jpg]

One note over the shirt, it dosent open all the way from the back. So we have to remove it like pants. Weird design.

[Image: 5zDqRfA.jpg]

Despite the simplicity of her face-up, the eye gaps, the frizzy hair, and all her flaws, I still think she's pretty beautiful and fun.

[Image: 6JDs4ce.jpg]
[Image: y1k2UbO.jpg]
Should that become my new avatar? What do you think?

Finally, I had to give her a stand. She didn't came with one (No traces of it ever being included originally) For maximum stability. The overall package is very nice and it's fun to see how Pullips have come a LONG way since the T-1 body.

I'm pretty happy to have been able to get such a precious piece of Pullip History! Especially at such a ridiculous price. Will I ever get another T1 Pullip? Maybe. But the price should be right. Time and luck will decide!

[Image: QxqjVk8.jpg]

Now Debbie is waiting for her little friends, Drta and my Dal custom.
I hope you loved the pictures and the review!

NOTE: Wrote:I derped and took low res pictures. Still, even if I had taken big pictures, it would still have been not true HD. So for a high def gallery, I'll have to hire a pro. Nope for now. Anyway, those pictures are better than nothing I guess... slash
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]
Congrats on your new arrival. Interesting to see so much detail of the first Pullip. You could try a fabric-softener shampoo for her hair? That's a super little bike, but too bad they did make it too small for her. I'd say you could move the kickstand if you loosened that cross-head screw and washer that appear to be holding it on. And I suppose one could sew a little fabric seat cover/cushion.
High-resolution photos are probably too big to load well on the forum anyway. These look fine!
[Image: 52753689362_648099ee70_o.jpg]
[Image: 52754230731_a6068b46d4_o.jpg][Image: 50534896333_d4a2b8e718_o.jpg][Image: 52754472289_1f6d6c34b1_o.jpg][Image: 49782607208_b108a0ee26_o.jpg]
Well, I tried the fabric softener thing on Holly's wig. It didn't end up well. So I'm not taking any chances. Also, the screws in her left arm are all looses, but don't seem to come off at least. I knew the T-1 body had it's issues. Still, I'm pretty glad to have experienced it.
Now, should I try to get a T-2 Pullip? Because that soft belly of their, with their weird issue is kinda creeping me out...
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]
That's super great you're enjoying her so much. :3 Type 1's are neat in their own vintage-Pullip way.

Nice clip, btw. LOL Definitely describes the T1 bust well!

I find it interesting her bike is so detailed. And her stock looks really nice; I like the look.
As for her hair, try buying some shampoo and/or conditioner meant for synthetic hair extensions. It's really made doll hair silkier on whoever we've washed it with so far.

And I like her name you picked! (And she'd make a good avatar, too.) Happy
On eBay, once in a great while someone will list a T1 Pullip on auction, and they don't really attract bidders. (I've kicked myself for missing out on a couple used Bouquet's who went for way too little!) I think, at least on eBay, the older dolls (unless they're new) aren't really what most people are looking for.

Oh, I really love everything about the T2 EXCEPT that dang soft torso. Their posing is pretty good - although you do have to be careful of the occasional hand popping off, and sometimes the feet. T2's are closest to an Obitsu body, though if you're afraid of the melty issue you could always rebody her. (And the melt affects different dolls differently. I've seen it kinda bad, pretty minimal, and my light tan Bianca didn't have any at all.)
[Image: 49035651448_1fbe84a2fc_o_d.jpg]

This is an absolutely fascinating detailed look at the very first Pullip! Thank you for documenting this rare doll so thoroughly! And congratulations on finding her!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
If I have to rebody a T2 Pullip, she'd have to be really cheap. Like a Groove sample.
Speaking of older dolls, if T1s are really not that popular on Ebay (especially used ones), this may give me a chance to get Street and maybe, MAYBE, a Leprotto. There's one Street on Ebay but she's too expensive for me. As for the lone Leprotto, it's a big nope. Groove also have an original Noir. Only one. But at 200$US plus shipping, I pass. I will never pay more than 150$US plus ship for a doll. Unless it's something crazy at an absurd price like one of the 12 limited Carol.
But yeah, for now, my next T1 target is definitely Street. She will be Debbie's perfect sister. Now to find her at the right price...

BTW, Debut-Wind ----> Debbie Windfall... That just wrote itself! But making something out of Street will be a bit tricky.

I'll look up for the special shampoo for synthetic hair. I'll wear high heels and ask the lady clerk if I have to! LOL But one thing is sure is I'll be really careful about playing with Debbie in water. She seem loaded of steel.

(10-03-2018, 11:45 AM)davidd Wrote: This is an absolutely fascinating detailed look at the very first Pullip! Thank you for documenting this rare doll so thoroughly! And congratulations on finding her!

Thanks! It was a lot of fun to share! Too bad I'm ill-equipped for any true HD pictures or to make videos. I would have liked to go further. But my money is not for useful things like cameras. Only for toys! Tongue
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]
Congrats on an original Pullip! The rather primitive faceups seem to have been hand painted as there can be variations from doll to doll of the same release. I think you are correct about there not being any cards with the early dolls, just the pamphlets advertising coming releases.

Sometimes you can fix a floppy wrist or other joint by tightening the nearest screw. If that doesn't work, you can take the screws out, take the arm apart, and wrap something like plumbers tape around the knob of the hand that fits into the arm to make it less floppy.

And a word of caution regarding T1s' necks. They have a fairly small neck peg for supporting such a large head with so much hair. It's easy to break it while brushing/combing the hair if you don't hold her by her head while doing it.

It seems like Mitzi and Bianca, T2s with the very pink torsos, don't have a melting problem. I'm not sure if any of the other T2s have that type of torso.
The thing with the loose wrist is that I did tried to fix it with the arm screws. But the screws just turn in place without screwing in nor out. I'll not try to mess with that. And thanks for the neck warning. I'll be more careful. BTW when trying to pose Debbie, the poor girl made a couple of face-plants. Sweatdrop Luckily, nothing happened.

As for T2 girls, I still want to have one despite the melting issue. Mitzi and Bianca have nope prices. But there is one who will go very well with Debbie and she's priced just right. Nomado. However, before buying her I still have to pay off Debbie. October will not having new dolls ordered. At least, those already ordered will arrive. The only reason for me to indulge sooner is if another Debut-like opportunity just land on my lap.
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]
(Cornflower's right, earliest dolls had no cards.)

If Debbie's a prone face-planter, you may want to keep her away from cement. Tongue

And my tired brain literally came up with the most awful new name for Street: Streetwise. Like, Pennywise from It. *facepalm* I'm sure you can come up with something better! LOL
[Image: 49035651448_1fbe84a2fc_o_d.jpg]

Haha! That is, if I ever get a Street. The current price on that lone EBay doll is a big nope.
Debbie will most likely have Nomado as a companion however. She may be my only T2 doll. I'll get her for the Legacy. I may only be able to get her in a month and a half.......
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]
Well, DAMN! Another Debut just popped on Ebay! And for even cheaper than what I paid before!

So have at it:

Oh, and Wind also appeared for just a few bucks less:

If anyone else want the very first ever Pullip, now is your chance to strike!
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]
Look what I found on Ebay:

[Image: BTW3FSb.png]

See anything familiar?
This Japanese seller used my entire gallery as his pictures.
I don't mind people reposting my pictures. They were made for that purpose. But in this particular case, it's fraud because the doll he/she sell is NOT the one shown in the pictures.

I'll report the listing to Ebay and I'll contact the seller so that he/she cut that shit out.
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]
Oh wow, this is amazing look at the first Pullip.

I hope you get an apology from the person who took your photos!
(10-12-2019, 10:25 PM)werepuppy Wrote: Oh wow, this is amazing look at the first Pullip.

I hope you get an apology from the person who took your photos!


But I don't think the seller will say anything. With a feedback rating of only 9, the seller is either an amateur, or a fraud who restarted an account for the umptieth time. Also, the seller sell a doll that is new and sealed in box. Truly a case of misrepresentation here.
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]

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