Pullip Withered. Review and pictures.
Withered came in today. She's brand new and was sold at only 3800Y plus 3000Y of EMS shipping! That amount to half the price than the cheapest one found on Ebay! It's a brand new doll at a Groove Sample price. Shipping hurt the deal a bit, but eh, can't have everything.

So how is she? let's find out.

[Image: 6XAWXLE.jpg]

As the last T1 Pullip, Withered is pretty old. The box is as old and the glue holding it together just came undone. I won't be keeping this box.

[Image: L73nVvP.jpg]

I can confirm that no T1 Pullips ever came with a card nor any display stand by default. All they came with is some adds pamphlet. A pamphlet is nice and I don't care for a card, but lacking a doll stand is a bit baffling.

Anyway, have a look:

[Image: k6WgtzR.jpg]
[Image: IsZXcSh.jpg]

Withered can stand on her own with a bit of work. Her stock is simple yet effective.

[Image: 02OsMl8.jpg]

Withered is a very old doll, even if she's the last regular T1. The box aged and split open as a consequence... Unfortunately, Withered's coat... wither. The material is gummy and every time the coat is touched or fold around, it flakes particles all over the ground.

[Image: OSDedMZ.jpg]
[Image: xyt99fc.jpg]

If you ever get Withered, be warned that it may very be possible that you'll face the same issue.
I do wonder if a similar coat could be found elsewhere as a replacement?

Amazingly, she's not stained at all by her black clothes, making her huge knockerlangaroos squeaky clean. The thighs do show a weird split. Dunno if it's a T1 thing, but it dosent affect the solidity or posability.

[Image: YwH5q4g.jpg]

Withered have a nice religious necklace over a very plain and modest black shirt and pants. Maybe she's a nun of sort?

[Image: Cn51oWD.jpg]

Nice shoes. The rubber hold up.

[Image: OwTktJE.jpg]

Her face-up is pretty plain and neutral, reinforcing that nun persona.

[Image: eGzAjFZ.jpg]
[Image: WJXNFxJ.jpg]

She have very, VERY dark eyechips. Pretty natural.

[Image: lXoN548.jpg]

After all this time, her hair have zero frizzes and is silky smooth. NICE!

[Image: FWp3Wiv.jpg]

Lastly, the accessories.

[Image: YH9Hc0j.jpg]

The bag is empty and can be open or closed with ease, allowing the dog to hitch a ride.

[Image: O13pwXz.jpg]

Speaking of the dog, he's a weird fella. It's a plush made out of fake leather. Contrary to the coat, it's perfectly fine. It's cute and creepy at the same time.

[Image: WG4x5j9.jpg]

While waiting for a decent doll stand, Withered have to sit.

[Image: 4jed972.jpg]

Would I recommend her? Yes but only if you can have her for relatively cheap and if you are well prepared for the decaying coat. I don't regret the 85$CAN total paid for her and I'm pretty glad to have the beginning and the end of T1. (not counting that Carol). Will I be able to fill in the T1 brackets with some of the other T1 dolls? Only time will tell.
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]

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