Pullip Withered. Review and pictures.
(12-24-2018, 10:13 AM)ducktape Wrote: These reviews of yours are inspiring me to do some as well for these two dolls and the Chicca I got recently.

Welcome! It's always nice to see more people here. I'm looking forward your own reviews!

As a Transformers fan, I'm familiar with Gold Plastic Syndrome. At the time, they thought it was a good idea to mix metal flakes in plastics to create a nice golden or bronze plastic. It was great looking and solid at the time... But years later, these plastics aged badly and they are now fragile as dry leaves! So many great, rare, and pricey robots that just shattered over time. By using them or just sitting there in their sealed box!

So it's the same thing with these faux-leather materials. Even some old Nendoroids or analog sticks on old Playstation controllers that OOZE some oil. It's freaking disgusting. But the designer never thought those material could decay so quickly. This make me a bit worried that some of my most expensive Transformers and dolls would just rot away and crumble into dust or ooze before I get too old to remember my own name…  Dead
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