Pullip Withered. Review and pictures.
(01-04-2019, 02:15 PM)Cornflower Blue Wrote:  Mandrake is on eBay, but for some odd reason, their listings say they don't combine shipping.

It make no sense going on Mandrake Ebay. Better go to them directly.
As for the combined shipping thing, the beginner must know that Mandrake is a shopping center that have several stores. If one buy within the same store, they will do combined shipping without any problems.

Plus I never paid any custom fees from anything Mandrake related when shipped by SAL or EMS. That make a HUGE difference.

Furthermore, Mandrake seem to be wary of MISB collectors so ALL the boxes are "damaged". But when a box is truly damaged and/or the toy is used, it drive the price down like crazy. Therefore, it's the best place to have mad deals on Japanese geek stuff.
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