Pullip Withered. Review and pictures.
I love those glasses, they give her so much personality!

I found out sometime last year that most American Girl-sized doll glasses fit Pullips, and bought a few really cheap off Aliex-press. Most were awful quality and required heavy seam-sanding before I let them close my dolls' faces, but some were surprisingly great in quality, and especially for their price. Most of them are not in constant use, but my Ami/Sailor Mercury is now wearing a pair of glasses full-time. She does have glasses as a manga character, so I felt she needs them to be complete.

It's so weird though... American Girls are not a thing in my country, therefore I've never ever seen one IRL, and I always imagined them to be big. It's rather weird to think that their and Pullips' heads match in size, or at least in width :O
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