Werepuppy's (Attempt At) Doll-A-Day 2019!
Alliecat is to blame for this. I will say now that a lot of these photos will be me relying on my backlog for as long as I can before I start taking new stuff and... not all of them are that great to be honest. No, seriously, a lot of the times my photography is just really boring. It's a standard shot and that's it. I'm not the best at coming with new scenarios, though I can keep to a narrative so go figure. Some may pop up here that have been in Life In The Room but I'll do my best to avoid that where and when I can. If you have any questions about my collection, feel free to put them to me and I will do my best to answer them. 

Some days may have no posts from me because... well I'm autistic and I suffer badly from depression and anxiety, and just some days are harder than others. But I will do my best to keep going. 

So, since this is the 2nd... I owe you two photos. (Oh, also, as I live in Scotland, I am on GMT so I may be ahead of some of you for photo posting. Then again, I may be behind others.)

1. A Ghastly Trio
[Image: 48913619_32d8a6f9eaeae132e2c7db2902d18a4c_standard.jpg]
The granddaughter of Death.
The owner of the Haunted Mansion
An Addams.
Life is always Halloween

2. Kicking Out Of The Screen
[Image: 48913748_bfdfd0bc3a1fe93e8acd5a91a6ca304b_standard.jpg]
Yankumi can break the fourth wall with a roundhouse kick

ETA: While the idea is in my head, I'll use this first post as a way of keeping track of any newcomers this year. I'll state the type of doll, what I've called them, and date of arrival. I'll also keep a list of 'wanted' dolls, since that would be a good way of keeping track of those as well. As well as whatever has left my collection.

- - - 

1. Aggie (Petworks Usaggie 037) [5th Jan 2019]
2. Rey (S.H. Figuarts The Last Jedi Rey) [18th Jan 2019]
3. Kylo Ren (S.H. Figuarts The Last Jedi Kylo Ren) [18th Jan 2019]
4. Wednesday Addams (1/3 Scale EVA BJD) [23rd Jan 2019]
5. Sid Vicious (Barbie Fashionista #107) [7th Feb 2019]
6. Scorpio Vixen (Bleeding Edge Goths) [9th Feb 2019]
7. Jack (Obitsu 65) [12th Feb 2019]
8. Helena (Night Lolita SD) [14th Feb 2019]
9. Becky Lynch (WWE Superstars) [15th Feb 2019]
10. Freya (Hujoo Nano Freya) [18th Feb 2019]
11. Devastatia (Bleeding Edge Goths) [1st April 2019]
12. Ahsoka Tano (Forces of Destiny) [1st April 2019]
13. Luke Skywalker (Forces of Destiny) [4th April 2019]
14. Coraline (Neca) [21st April 2019] {GIFT}
15. Victoria (Hujoo Freya) [27th April 2019]
16. Rabbie (Hujoo Nano Rabi) [30th April 2019]
17. Matilda (Matilda the Musical Rag Doll) [15th May 2019] {GIFT}
18. John Constantine (SooSoo Toys Paranormal Detective) [17th May 2019]
19. Artie (Groove Pang-Ju Rambu-Pang) [12th June 2019]
20. Hayley (Make It Mine Hayley) [19th June 2019]
21. Ademetus (Hujoo Nano Freyr) [24th June 2019]
22. Wonder Woman (Hot Toys Justice League) [29th June 2019]
23. Tweety (Dal Tweety) [3rd July 2019] {Gift}
24. Rey (Hot Toys The Force Awakens Resistance Outfit) [29th July 2019]
25. Momoko Ryugasaki (Sekiguchi Momoko Sweet Poodle) [7th August 2019] {GIFT}
26. Kylo Ren (Hot Toys The Last Jedi) [3rd September 2019]
27. Elphaba (Barbie Signature Black Label Wicked Elphaba) [10th October 2019]
28. Romana (Barbie Signature Black Label A Wrinkle in Time Mrs Who) [14th October 2019]
29. Wicked Witch (Barbie Collector Pink Label The Wizard of Oz The Wicked Witch of the West) [19th October 2019]
30. Clarice (Barbie Fashion Model Collection Gold Label Classic Cocktail Dress) [19th October 2019]
31. Glinda (Barbie Signature Black Label Wicked Glinda) [21st October 2019]
32. Basil Vincent (ResinSoul 0036) [1st November 2019]
33. Marnie (Marmit Super Excellent Series Cybrene Girls Jewelborg Marine) [27th November 2019]
34. Anne Shirley (Azone Akage no Anne Ex Cute Family Otogi no Kuni Sera of Green Gables) [13th December 2019]
35. Thirteenth Doctor (Mattel Barbie Signature Doctor Who) [25th December 2019] {GIFT}
36. Elinor Rose (Barbie Fahion Model Collection Gold Label Elegant Rose) [25th December 2019] {GIFT}
37. Roisin (Paola Queen Little Red Riding Hood) [25th December 2019] {GIFT}


Wanted (Subject to changing whims) (alphabetically by company)
1. Ashton Drake Emily the Strange
2. Azone Alvastaria Milo -Reticent Barefoot Technician-
3. Azone Alvastaria Ravi -Summer Newspaper Reporter-
4. Azone Ex-Cute 10th Best Selection PureNeemo Koron SWEET PUNK GIRLS
5. Azone Lil' Fairy Will
6. BABYsue Fox
7. BABYsue NekoNyan
8. Dream Valley Yo-SD Ann (Full Set)
9. Girls' World Emerald the Enchanting Witch
10. Good Smile Company Figma Sherlock Hound
11. Hasbro Peteena the Pampered Poodle
12. Hujoo Albu
13. Hujoo Amie
14. Hujoo Phoebe
15. Integrity Toys FR Misaki Nippon
16. Mattel Addams Family Giftset
17. Medicom Toys Project BM! Kamen Rider Fourze Kisigari Gentaro
18. Medicom Toys Real Action Heroes Death Note L
19. Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steam-Punk Land
20. ResinSoul Sophia (in green)
21. Sekiguchi Momoko Midnight Crossing

~ ~ ~

1. White Queen of Wonderland
2. Red Queen of Wonderland
3. Glinda
4. Kitty Cheshire
5. Batgirl
6. Supergirl
7. Wonder Girl
8. Bumble bee
9. White Witch of Oz
10. Emerald Witch of Oz
11. Emma Gray
12. Eli Aaron
13. Minnie
14. Daring Charming
15. Darling Charming
16. Dexter Charming
17. Jordan
18. Lonnie
19. Lizzie Hearts
20. Superman
21. Sakura Avalon
22. Way Too Tall Maddie Batter
23. Aurora
24. Ai BJD Caldium
25. Figma Li Syaoran
26. Figma Daidouji Tomoyo
27. Figma Sakura Kinomoto Winter Uniform
28. Figma Sakura Kinomoto First Op. Dress
29. Figuarts Fourze
30. Figuarts Meteor
31. Figuarts Nadeshiko
32. Figuarts OOO
33. Sideshow BtVS Willow Rosenberg
34. Figma Saber Fate/Stay Night
35. Nendoroid Shinku
36. Funko POP Hawkgirl
37. Ai BJD Lawn Daisy
38. #SnapStars Lola
39. #SnapStars Yuki

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