Werepuppy's (Attempt At) Doll-A-Day 2019!
Hey guys! Sorry, been out of it for a few days. Here's the missed pictures:

14. Hatter Party
[Image: 48914148_592f765300e46d2438b7cbada60caf43_standard.jpg]
(Disney Store Mad Hatter no longer in my collection. He looked cool but kept freaking me out soo....)

15. Girl in the Bright Blue Dress
[Image: 48914573_b6af919dc6a29469ef2222ee546eea8d_standard.jpg]
Alice Hamilton notices she's a little left out in this Alice-only party... surely there's another Alice out there who isn't blonde? Just some little Alices I have. I seem to have a bit of a collection related to this book.

16. A Trip to the Theatre
[Image: 48914576_c980207f2e249a9e286628caf97e4231_standard.jpg]
Wednesday came along when we went to see the show about her and her family. (Fun fact, I ended up sitting beside the person who was responsible for UK publicity of the show. Had a nice chat)

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