Werepuppy's (Attempt At) Doll-A-Day 2019!
(03-14-2019, 04:24 AM)neon_jellyfish Wrote: Yaaay, Zomby Gaga! I deboxed mine, but I kept the box, because it's pretty cool.

The box is really cool, it's like it's a stage. Which I realised is likely the intention.

(03-14-2019, 10:59 AM)Alliecat Wrote: That's a nice Merida.  And you could carefully rebox Gaga...  wink

... I could but I am kind of heavy handed and would likely end up ripping the box a bit.

(03-14-2019, 11:09 AM)kadytheredpanda Wrote: Zomby Gaga looks so fun! Another doll I don't blame you on not deboxing.

Yeah, she looks so good in her box. If I am ever lucky enough to find a second at a reasonable price I would love to debox though, because her suit is awesome. 

(03-14-2019, 03:33 PM)Elfy Wrote: The zombie Gaga is great, and it’s one case where she may actually look better in box than out.

This is a true fact. Weirdly I think a lot of the Monster High Adult Collector dolls are designed to look as nice as possible in box? Maybe. I hope so. 

(03-14-2019, 04:40 PM)Lejays17 Wrote: I think I’ve seen a picture of you as Merida - maybe on instagram?
Anyway, how cool for the kids that you looked and sounded liked her at the convention.  Merida is my 2nd favourite Disney Princess (just ahead of Rapunzel, but Mulan is my absolute favourite).

Zombie Gaga looks good in and out of the box, but the box makes it more special.

Yeah, I think that's my icon picture on instagram - though that one is from a few years ago when I hadn't done it as well as I did at the big convention. I was happy to make little kids happy that day, it helped considering the venue was just kind of too full and had no real heating. Everyone ended up feeling a bit miserable. (Mulan is in my top five - Merida, Mulan, Tiana, Moana, and ... well the last tends to change.)

(03-14-2019, 01:37 PM)davidd Wrote: So cool you got the Zomby Gaga limited edition!

Even more cool that you talk (and look) like Merida!

Thank you. It's a fun thing, not going to lie. 

- - - 

73. MIB: ToyBiz: Xena: Warrior Princess
[Image: 51971500_2a27a49f71202842ae43b92bdb4d2aa9_standard.jpg]
Ugh, just noticed the flash again, sorry guys. But this is any one of my few MIB dolls that have a bit of a fun backstory. So, Xena: Warrior Princess has been one of my favourite shows since I was a kid, and I had wanted to get one of these dolls when they were first shown in the Argos catalogue back in the day. At the time, however, they were marketed as adult collectibles and my Mum was understandably a bit concerned about getting me that type of doll. (Didn't mind me watching the show though, so go figure.) I was a kid, and didn't get much in the way of pocket money so I just... admired from afar. 

Time moved on, and I was never able to find her at a reasonable price after that but I've always looked out. Last summer she appeared - in box - for a really reasonable price on eBay, being roughly what she had been during her original release. Of course, I jumped on it and she finally made her way home to me. So in this case the reason Xena has remained in the box is because it's taken me so long to get hold of her.

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