Werepuppy's (Attempt At) Doll-A-Day 2019!
(04-19-2019, 02:43 AM)neon_jellyfish Wrote: She really looks great in thet dress. While blue dress wasn't the first one, the blue variants are definitely my favorite of all Alice's dresses.

And I'm with you on the face-ups on dolls modeled after actors.

... You know, idea of Alice wearing blue has become so connected that I genuinely cannot recall what colour was first used for her dress. I know The Nursery Alice has her in yellow, but no, I don't think that was the first one... It'll come to me. Or I'll google it. 

Hot Toys show so well how much a good paint job is needed for those types of face-ups. Medicom also do fairly well in their Real Action Heroes line. Half the time I feel like Disney Store don't even deserve a "you tried" star.

(04-19-2019, 05:59 AM)Goblin Wrote: The live action doll faces are usually my least favorite because they end up looking so weird but I honestly love this Alice! She's very realistic and in a good way. Like some of the Emma Watson Belle dolls kind of looked like they got a ball of clay and punched it until she looked vaguely humanish. (They did Emma dirty on those). Some of the models were fine but others were unfortunate. 
But this Alice is so lovely! She's such a doll! (Pun intended)

Some of the earlier ones are really nice? The Oz: the Great and the Powerful witches are just beautiful, and the live action Maleficent doll is stunning, but you're not wrong when you say they do often end up looking weird. I know they were using a new way to make the heads for the live action Beauty and the Beast dolls, and while Gaston turned out really well, Belle just... really didn't. Her hairline was too high for the doll, and it just made every flaw visible. Some people did manage to fix the hair a bit, and it generally softened the features a lot. 

Thank you, though, and hee, got to enjoy a good pun! 

(04-19-2019, 10:33 AM)Elfy Wrote: That’s a very grown up looking Alice. I didn’t know about the Moomin shop in Covent Garden. We were in London in the area in 2014, but got distracted by the fact that Forbidden Planet was nearby and that was the afternoon for us.

She's from the Alice Through the Looking Glass doll range that came out. Ah, yeah, the big Forbidden Planet distracts all. Tends to be one of the better stocked ones in terms of comics and anime DVDs if you are looking. I like looking at the higher priced point figures they have in the glass display cabinets. Can't afford them, but I like looking. 

(04-19-2019, 03:46 PM)davidd Wrote: There was a Jakks Pacific (of Winx Club fame) version of Alice in Wonderland? That sounds intriguing!

Strangely enough, some of my dolls end up "borrowing" Jakks Pacific clothing items, even though most pieces don't actually fit other dolls very well. The poor Winx girls end up tossed in a storage tub more under-dressed than they are to begin with in their typically skimpy outfits.

I was going to comment that this version of Alice looks considerably more mature than the typical "little girl" Alice; but then I realized that this is from the second of the Johnny Depp films, isn't it? In which Alice was no longer a child.

We've discussed the disturbingly creepy Depp Mad Hatter figures before. Alice, here, is much less disturbing.

There was! The Toy Insider has a review. It was around the time - yet again - of Alice Through the Looking Glass and their offerings were about £10 cheaper than the Disney Store ones. Offered less articulation but honestly they weren't too bad in terms of clothing. 

(I will say, while generally speaking the other characters came out not too badly, nearly every version of the Mad Hatter figures from that line are somehow disturbingly creepy. I think it's just the character himself, tbh.)

- - - 

109. What's My Name?
[Image: 48980269_b3d0f64f597520144ed2200ea7c297e2_standard.jpg]
Uma, Daughter of Ursula! Captain of the Lost Revenge, and generally a villain kid who's motivation is one you can't help but agree with. 

Sadly, her outfit is all one piece, but she does look really cool. I wish there were actual braids in her hair, I think the deluxe doll that was on Amazon US had that but not for the UK. I ended up having to put a band in her hair after this to try to keep it under some sort of control. Someone more skilled than I am has probably managed to make very nice looking box braids for her, but alas, it is not me. 

That being said? Delighted to have her. Wish that they had made Harry Hook as well, but they did not. Then again, the boys always get the short end of the stick in this line.

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