Werepuppy's (Attempt At) Doll-A-Day 2019!
(08-25-2019, 01:55 AM)neon_jellyfish Wrote: Hayley and Matilda look like they're taking the photo-session seriously, Maudsie looks bored to death and China seems to be thinking about something yummy... Reminds me of mandatory class group photos in elementary school. I was always either bored or thinking about something yummy...

Matilda takes everything seriously, and I think Hayley was just trying to be nice by agreeing with her. Mauds hates having her photo taken and China is just so easily distracted. Now that you mention it, I was always bored during those photos as well...

(08-25-2019, 02:43 AM)Alliecat Wrote: Interesting comparison.  They're all of a suitable size to play together...

Which is very useful for pic-fics! 

(08-25-2019, 03:00 AM)davidd Wrote: You've never been to a Disney theme park? I did not know that, and it comes as a bit of a surprise seeing as how you are a fan of many (but not all) things Disney.

I found this article about the five different Haunted Mansion attractions interesting: Ranking the Haunted Mansions. According to this, Walt Disney had begun planning the Haunted Mansion before Disneyland had been built, but he did not live to see it finally open.

Do you have a Donny Osmond action figure among your Haunted Mansion memorabilia?

Maudlynne looks so wonderfully not-wanting-to-be-here in today's photo!  LOL

I was meant to go to Disney Paris following graduating from university with my parents and brother. A present, for having made it through. The day we were due to travel, I ended up in hospital having suffered such a big panic attack they legitimately thought I was having a heart attack. I wasn't, thankfully, but was advised against any traveling. We did get a full refund from Disney due to the circumstances. 

Oh yeah, one of the stories about it was that he had been wanting to do a haunted house type attraction for years, having greatly enjoyed visiting those types himself. The article is a really interesting read, thank you - I love finding out the differences between the attractions in the different parks.

Lol I do not. Nor did I know that video existed. 

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Mauds just hates having to pose and get her picture taken. 

(08-25-2019, 10:44 AM)Elfy Wrote: I’ve been lucky enough to go to 2 Disney parks, and I’ve done Disneyworld twice.

Oh, wow, that is so lucky! I would love to get the chance to go. I will keep hoping. 

(08-25-2019, 10:52 AM)Lejays17 Wrote: It’s  always interesting to see the “same” sized dolls aren’t really the same.

Matilda looks very elegant.

ETA: a quick image search thinks the headpiece is a French Tudor Hood - there’s a few variations of the style.  A couple I saw were from The Tudors (tv) and The Other Boleyn Girl, so May or may not be actually correct smile xp

Matilda is the first doll of the A Girl For All Time line, sort of the British equivalent of American Girls. She's elegant as - per her story - she's the young cousin of Katherine Howard and has been brought to court to keep her company. It means a whole new wardrobe to fit in with the fashions of the courtiers. For the doll, the outfit is multiple pieces, made out of really good quality fabrics. She's well worth her cost, and I was fortunate to pick her up ridiculously cheap.

Actually, from my own searching and checking, I think you are exactly right. The French styles were oddly in fashion during the reign of Henry VIII, despite his continously trying to start a war with them. 

- - - 

237: Model Behaviour
[Image: 59093671_31473fc1d259ede0e0b05f02f2d10797_standard.jpg]
Momoko was delighted with the chance to model some Lolita fashions. This is that same Parabox dress that Sidra has claimed. Told you it tended to suit a lot of different dolls. Though, it is Sidra's now.

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