Werepuppy's (Attempt At) Doll-A-Day 2019!
(09-05-2019, 11:23 PM)davidd Wrote: That looks like a nicely sculpted version of Alice who would be fun to see interacting with your other figures.

Seriously, Disney (and their manufacturer) mislabeled the box? On a "Designer" line intended for the collector market? They really don't care about anything other than the money, do they?

Don't. It's so tempting to open her. Why don't Disney make an Alice for their normal life of dolls? She'd sell so well...

Eh, probably not. 

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Limited Edition 17" Live Action Cinderella
[Image: 59637901_95898c656e4aab0c3d4d2b1c62f5c77f_standard.jpg]
This had actually been a gift from my brother a few Giftmases ago. He found her for less than retail, and was very proud of that fact.

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