Werepuppy's (Attempt At) Doll-A-Day 2019!
(09-06-2019, 11:43 PM)Jubilee Wrote: I like Alice's apron its beautifully designed. The Queen s outfit is good to lots of details on the clothing. At first I thought their was blood on her apron until I  zoomed in.

Alice's apron is gorgeous and ... you're completely right about how it does look like blood. That's something I never noticed before! 

(09-07-2019, 01:21 AM)neon_jellyfish Wrote: I loooove Alice and Queen of Hearts (who would have guessed?)!!! And that's just so sweet of your brother! Cindy's dress is beautiful.

Heee, I would have guessed this would have been one of your faves. Honestly, I think it's a real shame Disney haven't opted to make an Alice for their regular doll line. Considering merch from that film tends to be a big seller, and they clearly have a face-sculpt and body for her around... Even if it was just a limited run thing, as in "we're only doing it over Christmas", I still think it would sell well. 

I really was grateful to my brother for this that Giftmas. (Don't worry - I had gotten him a gift of equal value. We're a family of deal hunters.) Cindy's dress is really a highlight. 

(09-07-2019, 01:50 AM)davidd Wrote: A 17-inch Cinderella? That's... huge! Like, not a scale that matches anything else huge!

She's gorgeous, though! Is she actually a darker skin tone, or is that the lighting? 

"He found her for less than retail, and was very proud of that fact."  yay LOL yay That Scots stereotype is a stereotype for a reason, in'nit?

Heee. Cinderella fits in with my Tonners - she's 1/4 scale, or MSD sized, though again, fits better with the Tonners due to their more fashion doll like proportions. (So Evangeline Ghastly, Ellowynne Wilde... Not so much Mauds, mostly because she's more child-like. I mean, I guess in that sense you could consider Mauds more 1/3 scale... I'll need to work that out, actually.) Olivia, Jack, Wednesday, and Helena are much taller.

It's the lighting - for some reason a lot of the 17" LE dolls from Disney at this time had this effect on their skin that is sort of like a shimmer effect? Only it can make them look like they're just sweating a lot. Anyway, it can either photograph really light or really dark, and no amount of adjusting seems to fix it. Unless you live somewhere that has guarnteed beautiful natural light. 

LOL. Also helps we're a family of deal hunters, especially around big holidays and birthdays. 

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250: Limited Edition 17" Moana
[Image: 59687094_909ee29ef33cae5e16d8a35d3f959f7a_standard.jpg]
I got sad when this girl came out. There had been an LE Frozen release around the same time, and it sold out fairly quickly. Moana here sat on the shelf for a while. Don't know why, she's gorgeous. (If it had been now-ish, when the market has cooled a little, I would understand, but this was a couple of years ago when it was still fairly in the stages of selling out quickly.)

She's the last of my LE Disney dolls. I doubt I'm likely to go for the new designer line this year unless it doesn't sell too well and there's some left, but considering the Glasgow store is the only Scottish store to get them in, I doubt that'll happen. Still, I am very fortunate and grateful to have what I have, and I love the ones I have.
If I ever get lucky enough to find the LE Merida doll, I will be so pleased, because she's my grail LE Disney doll, but that's always a back-burner type thing.

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