Werepuppy's (Attempt At) Doll-A-Day 2019!
(11-11-2019, 11:54 PM)neon_jellyfish Wrote: She looks like she was born to become a witch!

It does suit her surprisingly well! 

(11-12-2019, 02:31 AM)dargosmydaddy Wrote: Aw, she's cute!

Merida is the cutest! 

(11-12-2019, 03:16 AM)davidd Wrote: Superb! Merida rocks the witch look! The touch of red in the outfit works with her hair! This combo looks so natural that it could have been a stock release!

I keep waiting for Disney to release a witch character. One that isn't a villain. Just to see what the stock would be like.

(11-12-2019, 04:42 AM)Alliecat Wrote: Yep, if you didn't know the character you'd say she was a perfect witch.

Ironic considering Merida does have some issues with magic. Bad ex.periences. 

(11-12-2019, 01:20 PM)Lejays17 Wrote: It looks like it was made just fir her.  I like that the bodice has the red to go with her hair.

She looks far too cheerful to be a Wicked Witch though.

I think putting the outfit on Merida really helped to pick out the red in the bodice. 

A Wishful Witch?

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