Tasuke's Anime Dolly-a-Whenever Thread...
It's kind of amazing to think how the market has changed in, let's say two decades? With the rise of home computers becoming more and more affordable, and improvements being made to internet access in the majority of places, what was a very niche market for a long time with Western audiences has become as mainstream as our own comics and cartoons.

And to see how the toy market showed this change is also really interesting - I still have three Trendmasters Cardcaptors dolls that I got as a child and to compare them to doll available now is like chalk and cheese.

Your collection must be a great overview on the changes in market tastes, actually, as well as a really interesting look into the history not only of distribution, but also improvements in manufacturing.

Also, if that is Shaorin's stock with no enhancements, it's actually better than I would have thought for early 2000s anime dolls.

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