Tasuke's Anime Dolly-a-Whenever Thread...
i had this Barbie Spacesuit costume lying about from back around 2017 or so;
[Image: Barbie_Astronaut_and_Space_Scientist_FUL...fit=bounds]

so I figured i'd try out extensively reworking it from a MATTEL Barbie-sized Spacesuit,
to something that could naturally fit an OBITSU 26cm. -based girl like TMoHS' Yuki Nagato here;



[Image: Yuki_Nagato_-_Innocent_Astronaut_7-18-23...fit=bounds]

[Image: Yuki_Nagato_-_Innocent_Astronaut_7-18-23...fit=bounds]

[Image: Yuki_Nagato_-_GUNAM_M.S._Pilot_7-26-23_R...fit=bounds]

[Image: Yuki_Nagato_8-1-23_RESIZE_40_mBP88uaoNjc...fit=bounds]

This all really roots back to my early-childhood... when my parents strongly encouraged me to develop interest in the NASA program and such.
Mom had taped 1986's "SPACE CAMP" for me off of HBO or something... and i had watched it rather often.

In Fact, it was, to me, something along the lines of of what THE LION KING had ended up becoming to my Little Sister in the mid-90's;

[Image: SpaceCamp-lobbycard-German-002.webp?widt...fit=bounds]

Further, my Folks had gotten me this "YOUNG ASTRONAUTS" Cabbage Patch Kid doll still earlier on yet... say 1986/1987-ish?

[Image: CPK_Astronaut_(22).jpg?width=1920&height...fit=bounds]
[Image: A_Night_at_Konomi_19-10-23_FULLSIZE.png?...fit=bounds]

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