Werepuppy's A Doll A Day Challenge 2020
Sorry for not posting in the past few days - bit of a mental low. Still not great, but getting somewhere I hope!

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314. U is for Unusual Sight

[Image: 77219974_774beb7a00f85c1048ad7de7354b4d11_standard.jpg]

A chimney sweep, that is. Well, it's a not as commonly seen sight, now. This is a bear that was a thing that was available for purchase at the Mary Poppins musical

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315. V is for Vainglorious

[Image: 77219979_b1906d152e16db91e7fd8853024ad70b_standard.jpg]

Define: vain boastfulness in one's self.

"No one is as magnificent as I!"
"Magnificent git, more like..."

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316. W is for Wirabear

[Image: 77220036_898f915e4cdfe2c6e7d3c22cc8bbefdc_standard.jpg]

This is an old TY beanie that wears the flag of Malaysia. I have some family that live out there, which is why I have the bear.

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