Werepuppy's A Doll A Day Challenge 2020
(11-17-2020, 11:54 PM)neon_jellyfish Wrote: Oh dear, more Ai enabling... But I want to get Koi Princess Maya and both versions of the latest Milo before that. And Chocolala... Excuse me, I have to go rob a bank or two.

Oh, man, do I feel this. There's been a few Azone releases that I'd love to get hold of. Azone wise, my top release is one of the Lil Fairy Twinkle Candy girls - Erunoe is in stock on Fabrics Friends... I even want the new Ruruko Wizard boy - the red-head. It's just a case of saving up the pennies, and hoping that they pop up on Mandarake. But, all that being said, I highly suggest Ai for you. She's brilliant. 

(11-18-2020, 12:18 AM)dunneh Wrote: Wow that size comparison is super informative. I didn't know how big the Neemos were in relation to each other! Marmalade is the picco neemo? She really is incredibly tiny! I like the Odeko/Nikki dolls a lot too. I'm not super into anthro dolls but seeing yours does make me want to get some! 

Ooh you're right, Petworks has quite a few anthro dolls ... like Mini Myamyi -- she's super cute too.

No it wasn't Catwalk, though those are cute! It was .... I really have to wrack my brain for this... ugh. Ah finally! It was Madame Alexander's French Kitty! I saw them in an FAO Schwarz a long time ago, they were really pretty close up and I always wanted to get one. They are long gone it looks like.

Marmalade is the orange cat. The picco neemo is the one in the small red dress with gold trim on the hem. I seem to have gained an anthro collection without really knowing how it happened. I do like the creativity that the designs call for though. 

Ooh, I had never seen those Madame Alexander dolls. They look very nice, very mimialist in style but in a way that works for the design. 

(11-18-2020, 03:38 PM)Elfy Wrote: One of the rare instances where the Pullip is the largest.

True, but all her height is in her head. If her head were more proportionate to her body, she'd probably stand about just smaller than the Mattel Elphaba doll. 

- - - 

323. Settled

[Image: 77518750_183adf519939a080953d662096e6d3b7_standard.jpg]

Just a quick shelfie really to show off where Marmalade is sitting now. She's gained a little Paddington Bear figure as her own, and seems very comfortable on the sofa.

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