"Constellation" & "Tarot" dolls (more pix Mar. 5)
(04-19-2020, 12:36 PM)Alliecat Wrote: Are you thinking of the 1/3 "Fortune Days" dolls on Aliex-press?  These are 1/6.

No, I did a double-check on Ali after seeing your photos, and sadly I'm finding these too big. I have a weird observation regarding what is big and what not, and for some reason, 30 cm (that's what Ali says their height is) with these proportions seems to be too big for my brain. I guess it has to do with the head size too - Pullips are about the same size, but I don't see them as big at all. On the other hand, I do consider Barbies to be too big, the reason why I rebodied my Disney Store Rapunzel was also because of the "too big" body, and I have a 26cm obitsu I bought earlier this year which is collecting dust because I found it to be too big to rebody anyone (including Pullips) onto. It's really me, not the actual size Sweatdrop To me these dolls would look great in the size of a J-doll, or even a little bit smaller - so not much of a difference in reality Tongue

*Moxie Teenz are a weird and unique exception. I seriously don't know how I don't find them too big, whereas they are closer to the 40 cm mark.

The ageless theory would totally make sense and would suit Catherine perfectly! ^^
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