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Monster High from The Dollie Dungeon
[Image: 7001949394_342c97750d_c.jpg]

What seems like almost a lifetime ago... back in 2012... when Monster High was new and fresh and exciting, I came upon the idea of turning my MH ghouls in to "fortune tellers" or "genies" or... yes, the term has since fallen out of favor: gypsies. I had learned about a discontinued Bratz line called "Genie Magic," and I set about collecting "Genie Magic" sets to repurpose in to Monster High costumes.

In retrospect, from a financial standpoint I would have been better off collecting and saving the mint-in-box "Genie Magic" sets, as they have since become somewhat ex-pensive on the secondary market. At the time, however, most "Genie Magic" sets were reasonably priced, and I had quite a lot of fun tracking down the versions and creating costumes for Monster High figures and characters.

[Image: 7169351296_6e0aa12330_z.jpg]
Skull Shores Frankie Stein

[Image: 7419306050_20359209e2_z.jpg]
Monster High Cleo in Bratz Genie Magic Cloe outfit
(See how that works?  yay)

[Image: 7453386878_0aa3b9cbc7_z.jpg]
Draculaura wears the relatively hard to find Sasha outfit

[Image: 7453388294_3e2cb37c0c_z.jpg]

[Image: 7005217160_e2ce59d2b2_z.jpg]
Spectra adapted particularly well to the mystic fortune teller fashions

[Image: 7431150730_dcb95c0a6f_z.jpg]
My personal favorite: Lagoona Blue! 

[Image: 7438955132_f95418de13_z.jpg]

[Image: 7438952734_7fac132082_z.jpg]

Later, Mattel introduced the 13 Wishes line of fortune teller / genie inspired Monster High figures. At the time, Mattel and MGA were blatantly copying one another (MGA introduced Bratzillaz in response to the popularity of Monster High), so I suspect 13 Wishes was a response to Genie Magic. While the 13 Wishes line was fun, I have always preferred my MH-Bratz mash-ups.

[Image: 7438956624_18507e17c4_z.jpg]
They're not dolls, they're action figures!

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