Neon's Noncommittal Non-Challenge Thread 2021
Welcome to my noncommittal, non-challenge thread!

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I'm really enjoying having a break from taking and posting (especially posting) dolly photos, and I wouldn't mind enjoying it for even longer, but Her Insane Majesty reckons that if I keep you from basking in her regal excellence for even just a moment longer, you'll all become irreparably depressed, so here you go, bask to your hearts' content!

I will post something here now and then (I'll number the photos, because I'm curious how many I'll take now that I'm not doing the challenge), and maybe delete the year from the title and keep using this thread in 2022, assuming I survive that long...

And aside from providing you with a photo of your secret Valentine, I have another one to share!

[Image: fee868408cc4b60a229ba1deb0f28574.jpg]

Today is my 12th Dollyversary! So I thought it'd be nice to post a pic, as well as the 2020 review I usually do in January and my shenanigary wishlist, but this time only in written form, I really don't want to take that many photos.

2020 Review

  • First doll of 2020 - Luts Model Delf Dia in limited Bubble Mint resin
  • Last doll of 2020 - Hanako-kun Nendoroid
  • Total of dolls added to collection in 2020 - 11 (10 doll dolls and 1 Nendo) - as seen in the photo above
  • Best catch of 2020 - honestly, all of them are, but Withdoll SWD Vera (the big pale girl) might be the most special doll I got last year, she's a limited sculpt and I've been longing for her for quite some time. You can't see it in this photo, but she's a vampire, and the perfect shell for an important OC of mine.
  • Favorite memory of 2020 - that would be a tie between acquiring Vera (I already have a new name for her, but I want to reveal it whenever I get to doing her face-up and posting the completed doll) and Azone Lien arriving the last day of the year, eventhough I wasn't ex§pecting her so soon (Her new name is Sayori).

Those would be the photo prompts. There's also a 'favorite photo' one, but i don't really have a favorite photo. Other than getting new dolls, the 20th year of 21st century, and the beginning of 21st year of 21st century, sucked. Through a clogged straw. Never before have I known such suckage. The world went bonkers, the situation in Czech Republic is so absurdly bad, I can't even, and it's getting on my last nerve. And it doesn't look like things will get better any time soon. I burned myself out with the photo and the doodle challenge, and I didn't manage to do most of what I wanted.

Of all the plans that didn't work out, I'm most upset about not completing my BJDs. I didn't manage to get all the needed supplies, but the main reason is that my creativity pretty much died last year. I hope I can fix it this year, but I'm going to be kind to myself in that regard, and will only get serious about big goals when the situation gets better.

My shenanigary wishlist for 2021, then, consists of
  • surviving 2021, alternatively becoming a ghost and possessing a doll (it would be nice if I managed to finish Vera before that, I'd like to use her as my main ghost-shell)
  • sewing a lot - fabric and haberdashery (as in the sewing stuff, not men's stuff) stores are still open, so it should be doable
  • trying to acquire art supplies for BJD face-ups
  • hopefully managing to complete the three BJDs I have right now (if I manage to get more, I won't get mad at myself for not finishing them this year), but not sweating it
  • getting new dolls, of course, because there's no way I'm not gonna, but I won't post a specific list, it never works out as planned anyway
  • finding ways to enjoy the hobby AND the life in general despite the seemingly endless shitshow outside

And that's it for today! There are things I want to post at the end of February, but I'm not promising anything.
Non-committal, non-challenge, huh? Yet... do I espy a sly wink happening, there? Someone may have other plans for you!

That was quite an eclectic acquisition list from 2020. Not bad at all, all things considered!

Yeah, no signs of things getting any better outside here, either, so hiding out in an imaginary world seems the best option.

Seeing this post is a truly delightful surprise!

Best of luck on your BJD projects! Those seem to me like quite ambitious undertakings!

And do, please, survive! Although I must admit, I suspect you would make a most entertaining poltergeist!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
Yay! Nice to see some of your crew again. Greetings to Her Majesty wink
I'm sorry to hear things are so bad there. And that you didn't get to finish the things you wanted to, last year. I hope you'll be able to ignite a spark of creativity and get at some of those projects, and I look forward to seeing the results.

(02-15-2021, 03:41 AM)neon_jellyfish Wrote: ...the 20th year of 21st century, and the beginning of 21st year of 21st century, sucked. Through a clogged straw. Never before have I known such suckage. 
OK, this really made me LOL. I mean, I am sorry for the situation, but I could never be this funny in a second language.
I'm all for hiding out in imaginary universes too. Maybe we should all meet up there.
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Great news neon, and congrats to Her Insane Majesty for prompting you to post the occasional pic.
I hope you're doing fine neon! Apologies for being more than a month late with responding to this thread... just like Alliecat's constellation doll thread, your thread also fell victim to my weird browsing habits and clumsiness (though you had it worse, at least hers was posted in March  Sweatdrop ) - I've seen it already back then, but couldn't reply on the spot. I left it open so that I can reply later, but it got buried under tons of other windows...

I totally get what you were saying about your dead creativity - I'm the type of person whose creativity is the first to shut down whenever I'm not mentally stable, and 2020 has made a spectacular job of making that state the norm (and so far 2021 isn't any better... sly ), so I'm honestly surprised I managed to accomplish anything creative. My current main goal regarding creativity is - to not blame myself for not starting, progressing with, or finishing a creative project. There are so many things I'd like to do, but I'm trying to ignore them whenever they come to mind in a "ah, you still haven't done that"-type way, and not as an "I'd like to do this now"-thought. Lamenting about how I am not progressing with something won't actually help me progress with it, it will just leave me stressed out. Surprisingly, I'm doing good so far (I'm normally not able to look at things this way - the fact that I can now mostly ignore the pressure of unfinished projects shows just how massively exhausting 2020 has been from this aspect), and I can appreciate the little things I *did* finish. If they are meant to be, I'll get there also with the rest. You too. (and for this same reason I won't ask how you are progressing with your goals. If there isn't any progress on any front, that's prefectly fine.  We're still sucking through that same dang clogged straw frown ).

I'll also join the group of those who are hiding out in imaginary universes. I've always been prone to do that whenever things were bad for a longer period of
time - there's no surprise I'm in the same place now. I don't like it, but given the current circumstances, I'm happy to have it - now it literally helps me survive.

Secret Valentine is a strangely fitting title for Her Insane Majesty - at least for me. As much as how overall very red she is (which I do like in photos but I hardly ever purchase redhead dolls, and especially not when it's actually red-red), I came to realise I really like her, and I wouldn't say no to owning her if I came across her at a good price. And where would be no rewigging, rechipping and that sort involved. She looks perfectly quirky cute with this colour scheme.

I really like the group photo! It can be so difficult to photorgaph dolls of different scales together, but your bunch just looks like a cohesive, happy family. How is Hanako-kun the last doll of 2020 though if it's Sayori who arrived last, are you considering the purchase date when determining the order?
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