Raphia as a Redhead

I think this might be my first time sharing Pullip photos here in almost a year - and although last time was of my unboxing (sort of) of Mercu, this is really the first time I've posted just some doll photos. Taking these made me realize it's been ages since I've done such a thing, and in the future I think I want to take more time and use my nicer digital camera. Maybe even do a group shot? 

Anyway, I bought this Raphia in late 2018 from Hina Ichigo via a facebook group. She came bald, and for all this time I've just had her in her little bonnet. There was something cute about her with no hair, and I wish I had taken some befores for comparison. But, I had my eye on getting her a blonde, wavy wig for sometime, and when I heard Monique Wigs was closing (which, I've never bought a doll wig before, and heard this was a good place for wigs), decided the time had come. Being that Moniques always seems to be out of stock of what I had thought I wanted, I considered maybe she didn't have to be blonde like her stock, and as I was browsing, I couldn't help but notice Raphia's eyebrows are in fact, a little red.

In the end I ended up with this curly Donna wig in carrot - and I'm so happy I went with that color! Redhead dolls have always been my favorite, but none of the Pullips in my collection are true ginger. I also MacGyvered some picture hanger velcro tabs to hold her wig in place, which I'm a wee bit proud of (the wig was just not staying on without assistance). Here are a few snaps with and without the bonnet.

[Image: q7Yc3da.png] 
[Image: QZUvUid.png]

[Image: P5lJTca.png]

Thanks for having a peek  Happy
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She’s really cute as a red head. I have a soft spot for red headed dolls in general.

This wig really suits her.
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OK, it's official: Raphia should have been a redhead! She looks stunning in this wig! The colour match with her eyebrows (and eyelashes!) seems perfect, and she even pulls off - not even pulls off, she rocks the bangless look, which makes many Pullips look big-foreheaded.

I cannot wait seeing some of your dolls if you do decide to try to take and share more photos - and I'm especially interested in seeing a group shot, though those can be *so* hard to execute!
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She looks darling! I always love it when a wig matches the eyebrows. This looks perfect.

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