I finally got round to it!
So my poor Elisabeth and My Melody have been sat in a little box for a very long time as I never got round to Obitsuing them. I've looked at the cost of Obitsu's a few times over the past few years and was put off by how much more they cost nowadays, compared to when I was still collecting. But recently I decided to bite the bullet (we're in the process of buying a house, it will need renovating, and mortgage costs in the UK are incredibly high! So it felt a bit like now or in 5-10 years!), and ordered 2 Obitsu's! I'm so glad I did smile It's so great to see these 2 girls finally re-bodied and ready for some outfit try-ons! And they can now join everyone else on the shelves as well smile

As an aside I was also a bit triggered by the idea of putting Elisabeth on an Obitsu due to skin tone matching... and then the other day I looked at Isabelle (who's an Aurora), who is very pale and on a standard white Obitsu... and thought why on earth am I ok with that and not putting Elisabeth on a standard white Obitsu... duh.

I only took a couple of quick snaps:
[Image: 53270667394_b0bccfa708_c.jpg]
[Image: 53270591908_baeca18284_c.jpg]

I feel like I'm failing a bit with these 2... because I tend to call them both by their stock names... (omitting the 'My' in 'My Melody'). Part of me feels like I should pick new names, but then I like Elisabeth and Melody for them! I had originally planned for Melody to be on an L bust, but I just went ahead and ordered 2 mediums.. so medium it is!

I need to work on their personalities a little smile As I don't really have anything for them at the moment. 

Oh I almost forgot, Elisabeth had a custom face carving done many years ago by someone very talented <3 because I hated those silly little sticker fang thingies!

Oooh... so Elissbat has real fangs! How cool is that!

Glad the girls got their makeovers... without having to wait for a decade!

Good luck with the home purchase and renovation! Show us in progress pics if you can! Put those dollies to work!

Ohhh... I just noticed that super mini Fisher-Price telephone toy! That's a fun piece!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
I’ll keep stock names if they work as names – nothing wrong with that. Yay for getting around to it. Elizabeth's mouth does look very good. And her dress is also cute.
Congrats on finding a house, and good luck with the renovation.
[Image: 52753689362_648099ee70_o.jpg]
[Image: 52754230731_a6068b46d4_o.jpg][Image: 50534896333_d4a2b8e718_o.jpg][Image: 52754472289_1f6d6c34b1_o.jpg][Image: 49782607208_b108a0ee26_o.jpg]
Thanks! I will try and post photos. We're going to be attempting a YouTube channel as well! So there will be that if you fancied it!

The little phone is a micro toybox toy! I have a few of them for the Dals and Sam.. even some vintage style my little ponies, and Sam has a skeletor doll, they're pretty cool.


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