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General chat thread for Monster High
(06-22-2016, 12:34 PM)TrueFan Wrote: Just saw the bland new, I mean brand new, Monster High Frankie and Draculaura.
XD Mattel, True has a point. I've found very very few I like. And I liked the outfits of the (frustratingly non-jointed) budget dolls, but I just spotted the new wave of those and it's going downhill with the rest of the "new" Monster High. *sighs*

(02-11-2018, 01:13 PM)Melissa Wrote: I mean honestly though QC on Monster High was always hit and miss.

Yup. I've seen a Honey Swamp with part of her wrist joint missing, and my Dawn of the Dance Cleo's face literally washed off with water. Dawn of the Dance seemed the most cheaply made back in the day, but I avoided anything later that looked too cheap. For the most part, Monster High was still pretty good.

(02-11-2018, 12:08 PM)davidd Wrote: It's sad how Mattel let the most exciting toy line they had introduced in years degenerate into bootleg-quality crap.

I bought this set recently on eBay, so it's not like I can contact Mattel about the issue.

(I would argue that bootlegs are worse, but that's not my point. Tongue ) To me, the bigger Monster High packs had an element of cheapness to them (usually most obvious in the outfits), although the last one (Maul Monsteristas) was really neat and ironically not available in the United States.

Mattel does still sell arm parts (they come in pairs from the elbow down) for Monster High on their Mattel/Fisher Price parts website. You can find stuff on eBay, too.
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