Feedback For Vertefae
+1 as seller!
Bought 2 adorable handmade corset dress sets! Very friendly & great communication! I love the dresses! Thank you!
+1 as a seller smile very friendly ! ^____^ thank you again grin
+1 Thank you for the wonderful pants, vertefae!! ^^ I love them, such super-fast shipping too, really nice seller grin
+1 as a buyer.

Nice communication, and fast payment!
Saving for: BJDs (Simply Divine Harlequin)
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+1 as a buyer~~
Thanks so much for buying the eyechips from me! Hope you like them! ^^
+1 as a trader/buyer !

Traded Raphia for custom made dolly dresses.

They're absolutely awesomely wonderful! Thank you again, darling, you're the bestest! *SMOOOOOOOOOOTCH*

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Want: Clarity or Nero's eyechips!
# 1 as a seller! Great communication and quick shipping.

This was the first doll I bought used and Natasha made it a great experience. She was very friendly, shipped quickly and even threw in some nice extras! smile Overall, a great transaction!!
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My Feedback
+1 as a seller! Thanks for the awesome Volks body~
+1 as a buyer!

Friendly, communicative and quick, excellent to deal with. Thanks for adopting my neoNOIR grin <3
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+1 as an awesome buyer. Great communication, fast payment, and very patient. Happy Thanks! Heart
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Wishlist: Dal Satti or Darony, MIO Taeyang or bait head
+1 as a buyer. Fast payment. Let me know if Raphia's stock got to you! smile
+1 for a perfect seller! I bought her beautiful Pru and she sent a wonderful outfit and wig along with her for no extra charge. Super fast shipping too. Thanks so much!
+1 as a seller! Beautiful Neo Noir, great communication, very pleasant transaction. Thanks!

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+1 positive seller. She responded to my wanted list and had very prompt communication. She shipped my items out immediately. I'm quite pleased!
+1 for participating in the Leeke GO!! Fast payment and as always a total pleasure to work with! Thanks!! Heart 2
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