Dollhouses - Show them off here
(01-20-2009, 05:13 PM)haileebobailee Wrote: Posted Image

I love the 'chandelier' effect here grin How was that done?
thanks! drilled holes in the "ceiling" and stuck the string through and tied knots...quite messy if you could see the top haha
Many pictures of the world of my dolls (It's not a dollhouse but places that I make for take pictures)

The living-room

[Image: ha5zwryhzs.jpg]

[Image: g1agcn84af.jpg]

Any bedrooms

[Image: x2vh15athq.jpg]

[Image: cecgsk1182.jpg]

[Image: lhrbv5gn2i.jpg]

[Image: wivv5b0gda.jpg]

[Image: 5l52j7v6e5.jpg]

[Image: huiz30hvyz.jpg]

The loft:

[Image: gsmv32vmya.jpg]
These houses look so cute and cosy smile
I wish I had any space in my bedroom to make a house for my dolls! sad
Wow, poor Luka is still sleeping on my couch sad
Quote:Many pictures of the world of my dolls (It's not a dollhouse but places that I make for take pictures)

Your 'sets' are very beautiful! I think you have a great eye for making pretty, usable and creative spaces!

My dolly family is going through a transition (as am I, health-wise) so I'm switching up where I'd normally keep them. I'd like to give them a nice room before Christmas so get ready! I'll post pictures when I'm finished! ♥
Thats really, really amazing! I have some rooms of dolls, but have no pics, yet!
Wow, these dollhouses are BEAUTIFUL. How long did it take some of you to construct these, or do you find them to be ever-changing with new accessories you pick up?
(01-20-2009, 05:13 PM)haileebobailee Wrote: Posted Image

wow i love this room you have made!it is very cute i love it! how did you make i would love to know!
I only finished one room of my dollhouse yet, it's the gothic room where my Principessa 'lives'

[Image: 4273597709_6b6b1c9be0_o.jpg]

[Image: fum3x4.jpg]

[Image: t99pnb.jpg]

[Image: 2rduwld.jpg]

Next I will finish Candy's or Bree's room but it's so much work so it could take a while.
^Love this one!! I would love to make something very versailles like for Fleur. Just got to find the space where to put her
[Image: ImportedPhotos00060.jpg]
this is the whole bookcase, every shelf is part of the dollhouse now hehe
[Image: ImportedPhotos00065.jpg]
the living room where Ashlyn watches tv
[Image: ImportedPhotos00063.jpg]
The Kitchen, this is where Peyton spends all her time, she loves to cook!
[Image: ImportedPhotos00064.jpg]
Marrins room! She has so many toys! I made her rug out of quilting fabric, so cute!
[Image: ImportedPhotos00061.jpg]
Kinsleys room! She loves Blue and carebears!
[Image: ImportedPhotos00062.jpg]
Keeleighs room! She loves Pink and Strawberries, she is talking to her BFF Issie
Wow, all of your dollhouses are very cool. grin Using a big shelf for a house is a good idea!
You've all such amazing dolly flats. I wish I had a bigger room, so I could make such one, too.

@yukittie: Youzr detailed work is so awsome. This room looks so great and fits so well to his inhabitant. Really a wonderful work. Heart 2
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these are great! all of the dollhouses are so pretty!

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