Myufish's Feedback
+1 Incredible customiser! Took great care of my Isul ^-^ Thanks again Myu!
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myufish is a phenomenal customizer!
My feedback:

Join us at the Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event on June 15, 2019! The theme is The Clock Strikes Twelve.
+1 as an awesome customizer again! She is super friendly, and she waited super patiently for my payment, and I have to thank her much for accommodating me.
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+1 as a buyer! Fast payment and great communication! Thanks again! Happy
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+1 as a buyer

Friendly buyer who paid quickly! Thank you! Happy
+1 Myu is a great buyer <3 Promt payment and has great communication.
+1 from me for making two of my dolls even more stunning. Thanks! grin
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+ 9 as a customizer

They came last week and they are all beautiful. Myu, i will send another batch of head soon.
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WTB: T1 body, Pullips bait heads with eye mech, Stock outfits of Lilith, Savon, Bianca and Panda, Stock eye chips,Pullips eyemechs (complete), and Another Alice with full stock outfit and accessories......Happy

+1 Customizer yay made my doll super super super pretty, was really nice, and fun to talk to! smile
I requested a partial face up from Myu, and my girl looks so gorgeous now. Her work is excellent. I highly recommend her!
+ 2 as a customizer, Myufish customized a bjd and a dd head for me and I couldn't be happier. Will definitely be a repeat customer.
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+3 as a customizer.

As always Myufish did a fantastic job. She restored my BNP's face-up and gave her some elf ears, put some eyebrows on my Natsume (and gave him a smile), and did a full custom face-up on my Nahh-ato. Myu took my ramblings and was able to turn them into a beautiful face-up. Thanks Myu!
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+awholelotofpoints as a Wonderful customizer! grin She rescued my notoriously-bad ruined Sala. ;__; She even gave her a Prunella-like faceup, based on one of my grails I never got around to buying. TT_TT Recommended if you have any dolls you think are unsalvageable. The price was reasonable, too. (Only $35 USD.)

Before and after photos, because nothing else will explain:
[Image: 7640647014_7cebfb9945_m.jpg][Image: 8044674624_b579ec0f75_m.jpg]
That's amazing.
My feedback:

Join us at the Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event on June 15, 2019! The theme is The Clock Strikes Twelve.
+1 as a buyer. Had a pleasant transaction with Myufish. She bought Taeyang Sebastian from me and payment was sent quickly, communication was friendly and she let me know when the doll arrived. Thanks so much for everything! =D


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