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1+ as a buyer - thanks!
My feedback:

Join us at the Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event on June 15, 2019! The theme is The Clock Strikes Twelve.
+1 as a buyer! She bought a custom pullip from me, and was very prompt with the payments!
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+1 as a buyer
Purchased some doll clothes; great transaction with fast payment and good communication. Would recommend!
+1 as a fantastic buyer...thank you for the friendly PMs and the quick payment! Your custom dolls are wonderful and I'm glad to see I-no with those chips! grin
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+1 as a seller, purchased Pullip Clarity. She was responsive and shipped quickly. Clarity arrived in great shape.
+1 as a seller! I purchased Lunatic Queen from Liz. She shipped quickly and very safely. Very nice person also smile THANK YOU!!!

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