Feedback for kitten-squid
Please leave all of your feedback goodness here! Thank you!Happy
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+1 as a buyer smile
Super nice person to work with! Great communication and paid super fast! Thanks so much!
+1 as a great buyer! Fast payment, nice communication. Happy Thanks again~
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+1 buyer~

Extremely sweet with prompt communication and payment! Thank you~! <33
1 + as a buyer-purchased a pair of chips from me. Thanks!
My feedback:

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+1 as a buyer! Kitten-squid bought an assortment of goodies from me. Payment was super quick and communication was awesome. Great buyer; thanks so much! grin
+1 as a buyer, thanks so much for quick payment and an easy transaction =] enjoy!
+1 as a great buyer!

She bought MM's wig from me, and was pleasant and kind in her communications, paid promptly, and let me know when the wig arrived with her.

A delightful transaction!yay
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+1 for a great sale

sold her a pair of eyechips and it was one of the easiest transactions ive ever done ^.^
+1 as a great buyer
sorry for leaving the feedback late.
Hope you have a happy new year with Naomi!
+1 as a buyer! :3
+1 as a perfectly awesome buyer!

I had something from kitten_squid's wanted thread. She took me up on my offer and sent immediate payment. She's a nice, friendly BST member who let me know when she received what I sent and left me feedback unprompted. Would love to deal with her again! Thank you so much! smile
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+1 positive for fast payment. thanks so much!
+1 as a buyer. Wonderful to deal with, fast payment.
+1 as a buyer! Fast payment and a delight to work with! smile

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