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Challenge 6 - Occult
The theme is Occult.

This challenge will run from August 9th-15th
Entries are due by August 15th at Midnight EST

--You can and will be disqualified if your photo is not in by the due date.
--All files should be 500x375 or 375x500.
--All files should be emailed to with the name of the challenge and the contestants name in the subject.

Entries Received:

Ettarde - DeadlyNova
Justice - TrueFan
Katsu Curry - Taquito - King
Lark - SugarMag123
Lark Tamago - Babelglyph

Melanie - Christopher Fritz
Moe - KiraKira
Molly - Holyponiesbatman
Noel - SilverSumire
Nova - Gaspode

Pajelle - Requiem
Puchiko - Dana
Roux - PrincessPetal
Tangerine - Hina Ichigo
Yukari - Merzedes

15 out of 17
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Oooooh, I love this theme.
I already made a pic cuz I love it! ^^
I will sent it now, please let me whether you have received it or not.
[Image: signatur.jpg]
Oooh!!! Interesting theme choice! grin I have an idea for this already... hope I can pull it off!
Not a clue lol! I'll have to give this some thought.
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   Sara (HK)        Juliet (Suigintou)    Nova (Rot-chan)
Oh goodness..I have no clue what to do for this..O_o
I sent mine in yesterday, was it not received ?
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I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this round...I'm under more stress than I've ever been in in my life right now..but I'm going to try to think of something to do for this.
Sent in mine smile

Please, if you deal with me, leave feedback!
Gah now I wish I had a Dal...I love this theme. LOL
Sent mine in! I had a hard time with this challenge!
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My Feedback:

I've also just sent mine in. I had a tough time coming up with ideas for this round. Dalicious was fun, but I am slightly happy it is over. It was tougher than I had initially thought it would be, and since I work a lot, I have very little daylight hours in which to come up with an idea for each round, gather what I need and shoot the photos. Still, I am glad I got to participate. Seeing everyone's photos is the best part! smile
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The first time I participated, I found the same thing. How hard can it be to take one themed photo a week for six weeks? The answer is: hard! But fun, and challenging. I will feel a sense of accomplishment once I send in the last entry by the deadline.
My feedback:

Join us at the Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event in June 2021. The theme is The Haunted Library.
Got my plan, will take the pic tmw smile

Agree this has been much harder than I expected but enjoyed the challenge! Feel like I haven't done Nova justice with some of the pics but its great that I managed to get something in each time like TrueFan says.

Everyone has done such amazing work too!!

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   Sara (HK)        Juliet (Suigintou)    Nova (Rot-chan)
I sent my final picture in! I'm super-excited about my photo for this round. (It's probably not what most people think of when they think of "occult" though, lol.) It's early because I have somewhere else Dal-worthy to be tomorrow and Sunday.

I am very happy to have participated in Dalicious again, because my photography really grew this time. My ideas and skills got a great workout. I did end up modifying my personal goals a little bit -- I changed my mind from "as few dolly-size props as possible" to "handmade props = awesome" because there are so many things you can't buy in a package. smile I hope I will carry these new ideas and skills into the rest of my photoshoots!
Going to try and take mine tonight and get it sent in tomorrow.

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