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Totally in-character introductory picture of Mirii, my new doll who arrived today. She is a bubbly, optimistic party girl, pretty much the exact opposite of her serene, quiet, and focused cousin Maia.

She's even borrowing from Maia's watdrobe; I'm still trying to figure out what colors I like and dislike with her skin tone,
Finka is a delicate beauty smile and I love your girl's elf ears, Sev.

Marilyn, oh wow I just noticed your avatar change! Do you have an Ebony Futaba? Heart 2 OMG I'm so obsessed with Smart Dolls right now! I want to hear all about them and see all the owner photos, haha Heart
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Yay, the forum is back smile
Daesani & Petra hanging out on the other porch.

[Image: 26377181963_4a62cd6c69_o.jpg]
[Image: 47807942631_5f998ec5a7_o.jpg]
[Image: 50496131371_66957c6f2f_o.jpg][Image: 50534896333_d4a2b8e718_o.jpg][Image: 49783133076_e9a29f9010_o.jpg][Image: 49782607208_b108a0ee26_o.jpg]

Your girls are so cute, Alliecat. <3 I love Petra's outfit.
I'm glad it's back, too! :') Thanks to the tech support for all the hard work.

I tried to give some of my Ai Dolls a more colorful, Lati-like look... It's not very effective.

[Image: 26912536846_f2ba84eaed.jpg]
My best friend did a pretty good job of painting an Ai doll to have brown skin, I can summon her here to give you pointers if you want smile
I've been out of the MH scene for a good long while, but I was in Wal-Mart today and found a pile of dolls marked down to 7.00... I was eyeing the Draculaura and then I found this poor sad Scarah whose box was all crushed. Arm popped out of the socket, hair visibly messed up, just in a bad state. Wish I'd gotten a before pic.

I got that "oh nooo she needs RESCUING!" feeling, LIKE YOU DO, and picked her up. Her hair ended up being in such poor shape I just lopped most of it off and spent ages washing the glue and gel out of the rest, then stripped her face. I was initially disappointed with her sculpt when I did that--I prefer more delicate, girlish looking faces--but she's growing on me, especially after I got her out of her stock outfit (oh god, she was SO stained underneath--I had to gently sand off the worst of it but some of it is permanent). I'll be trying to give her up a faceup and maybe blushing tomorrow, weather permitting MSC usage.

[Image: Sn3uuDL.png]

Here she is, hair still wet. I am thinking maybe closed eyes on this one--her eyes are really, really large (says the Blythe fan).

IDK if I'll keep her or not but I very well might, depending on what I end up doing with her face. If her hair were solid black I definitely would--not a neon green fan, lol.
(05-10-2016, 09:07 PM)Missy_Crane Wrote: Marilyn, oh wow I just noticed your avatar change! Do you have an Ebony Futaba? Heart 2 OMG I'm so obsessed with Smart Dolls right now! I want to hear all about them and see all the owner photos, haha Heart

Yes, I do! Happy I fell in love with Smart Dolls a few months back when a local guy bought his Mirai and then Kizuna to meets. When I realized that SmD came in Mocha tan, well...as you can see, yet another less than fiscally responsible outcome. Sweatdrop

I don't regret it though, she's lovely. Heart 2

[Image: Ebony_20160507_outside03.jpg]

If you're looking for Smart Doll goodness/spam Happy, DollfieDreams.com has a Smart Doll subforum. You can view it without signing up (I should know, I lurked for ages LOL).
>>>I'm not gone, just really, REALLY busy.<<<
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i'd LOVE to have my own SMART DOLL Mirai. She's got one of the loveliest faces i've ever seen on a 1/3 Dollfie-style Character Doll.

"Fiscally Irresponsible" though it might be, she will now always be there for you, through all the good times as well as the bad.
to me, assurance of daily presence of that little face alone would make it all well worth going out of the way to juggle the cheque books some... -within reason, of course-

[Image: Konomi_Yuzuhara_5-25-21_Sig_RESIZE_300x2...fit=bounds]
Everyone's dolls look beautiful as ever. smile

Haint Blue your MH looks nice so far, I like the style she is in, very edgy and alternative. I love black and green hair combos.

Marilyn your Smart Doll is gorgeous, their tan is very lovely. I hope to get my hands on Smart Doll one day too. smile
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Mirai is lovely. Her little blush matches the flowers!

Don't forget the "spring" photo challenge!
"Spring" should be easy, since everywhere gets spring before we do... Tongue

[Image: 27018848295_92047f0136_o.jpg]
[Image: 47807942631_5f998ec5a7_o.jpg]
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Oops! I haven't shared Annie here yet. She was my Mother's Day present from my hubby

[Image: 27039029605_56cb9aabea.jpg]

What a cutie! Love her little pigtails and her car xD
Smart Doll Ebony (okay i first typed "Enoby" and cracked up) is my ultimate Grail doll. Someday I'll be able to justify spending a month's rent on a doll.

Speaking of BJDs -
[Image: 3586jab.jpg]

Maia is already about 200% done with her cousin Mirii (and she hasn't even been here a week!) She'll come around, now that Mirii gave in and agreed to wear a bra. Their third roommate, who has been known to lounge in a shirt and underwear, declined to comment on what is and is not proper household attire.

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