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Full Version: Daily Photo Thread
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I do apologize if this isn't allowed or isn't in the right section. Sweatdrop

But I thought it would be interested if we had a daily photo thread where everyone could show off new pictures of their pretty dollies/figures/etc. Sort of an all inclusive photo gallery for dolls of every kind. LOL

Show me your new shots!
Oooh, okay!! Lately I've been taking single snapshots on Instagram, and I'd love to have a place to share them here!

To kick things off, here's a photo I snapped today of my Neko Mao Isul, Nico Special 3

[Image: 12780703344_d3e43dfa37.jpg]
Cat Boy by pixachii, on Flickr

I think I'll take a photo of my Kawaii Crush girls tomorrow. I haven't really brought them out to "play" in a while now! LOL
What a handsome boy, Nico is! I'm loving that jacket!

Oh! If you live near one, check out Wal-Mart's clearance bins! My Wal-Mart around the corner is clearancing all Kawaii Crush sets for $3 to $5 a set. I don't know if it's all Wal-Marts, but it might be worth looking into.
Great idea for a thread!

Nico looks like he's too cool for taking photos. smile

Recently got one of my pullips back from getting a custom faceup. She was one of the dolls that got marked with a sharpie-wielding toddler.

Tifa & Cloud, February 2014
[Image: tumblr_n1l62mosZC1rx7rbro1_500.jpg]

This one I decided to give Domina Apple's headband to make her Snow White for the day.
 photo CAF1BEF4-FB53-4458-8D7E-9674CCF604CF.jpg

Carlota is trying to figure out why her precious vintage 1990s furry pants don't quite count as fancy dress wear. (Also, why none of her classmates bring lab coats from home. And only wear them in science class.) WHY is she the only person who understands fashion?!
[Image: 12808659384_91e4596d5e_z.jpg]
A couple of my pukifee girls - Avery and Zoe:

[Image: 12809911854_f4b6e11407_z.jpg]
Sharing Secrets by CasseminaPie, on Flickr
Here's my Leekeworld Min, who just arrived moments ago:

[Image: 12819695554_b1d7990734_z.jpg]
Leekeworld Min Head by vadafade, on Flickr
[Image: 12824801244_f16a687984_z.jpg]
 photo 3ABE0680-5F43-4E5C-A164-480E28D0B8DB.jpg

Rococo Rainbow Robecca (re-root by yours truly).
 photo E98CBDF3-4354-4BD9-929B-0D902C6F1A7D.jpg

Alanna helps me play pokemon (with her tiny Sylveon doll!)
Tsubaki showing off her new face-up.
Oh wow, KiraKira!! I love her! She looks so pouty! She looks more like a grown up Dal to me than a Pullip! She's beautiful, and I'm sure you must be thrilled to have your lovely doll back home with you. Special 3
Ally wearing Byul Sucre's stock outfit!
[Image: 12974703793_b67943a92d.jpg]