Dolls copying human models (updated July '21)
I forgot about this thread! I love the new addition! Excited to try some things for it myself!
I also haven't seen this topic yet, but I'm newer, and it hasn't been active since I joined. I'm glad it was resurrected, because this is such a great idea! I'd be tempted to try it out, but it does seem to require a lot of work and thought - plus, I have no photo in mind that I could use as a base. Need to keep my eyes open for good candidates.

I really like Samantha's photo, and the little matching details like the bouquet and her bare leg. Well done! For the sunny part I'll echo davidd, you could probably have gotten lucky if you waited for a sunny day, but if it didn't come, you could have risked the flowers disappearing by then. I think the flowers are more important in this concept than the lighting conditions (and you can always add a little warmth with Photoshop if it continues bugging you).
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