TOMY/TAKARA "Liccarize" Cardcaptor Sakura Sakura Kinomoto 2017 edition
(06-28-2018, 03:15 PM)davidd Wrote: And is that an open tube audio amplifier in the background?

Nope, merely a semi-vintage 1985 YAMAHA stereo receiver with my PC monitor, a bunch of Vacuum tubes, computer CPUs and other such decorative detritus atop;

[Image: YAMAHA%20R-9%207-17-18.jpg]

(06-28-2018, 03:15 PM)davidd Wrote: She looks so cuuuuute in those round eyeglasses!

thank you, a slightly better pose, this time with earrings fitted that help to keep her hair all nice and perky;

[Image: Liccarize%20Sakura%20Kinomoto%207-15-18%203.jpg]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

Oh, I see, the tubes are sitting on top of the amp... which is a pretty sweet old school amplifier nevertheless! Guarded by Gundams, I see!

Sakura is beyond cuteness! Again, those eyeglasses! Round eyeglasses and bangs are a combination I find irresistible!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
yeah, i was trying to find ways to get her hair to fluff out more, figured the glasses might help. didn't end up helping much.
turns out, a pair of custom made earrings really did the job, but the glasses really seem to suit her in any case,
so they ended up becoming a permanent accessory...
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

How large is the doll? Is she a 9inch or 8.5? My madoka is 8.5 and looking for a new body as well :/ do you think the 24cm obitsu will work as well on her? It's either that or a S or M pure neemo I think.

Besides that she looks wonderful! I've never really watched card captor but I think I need to now. smile.
the new OBITSU 24 is exactly what she has here, W skintone, M bust.

this OBITSU should translate perfectly to any of the existing Liccarize character dolls...
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

Sakura, as a Schoolgirl in the "To Heart" universe;

[Image: Sakura%20Kinomoto%20and%20HMX-12%20Multi%203-29-19.jpg]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

She's so cute! Also looks great on the Obitsu body! I love the Liccarize line (the Madoka series is near the top of my wish list) and she's a cutie! Gonna need to snap her up someday.
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