Neon's A Doll A Day Challenge 2018
Thanks everyone!

63 - Haunted - Getting Ghostly Rochelle
71 - Make A Splash Spectra
77 - signature Venus
81 - singature Lagoona

Lagoona is great. I love everything sea and water inspired, so she was a love at first sight. Jane is another character whom I totally love (well, I totally love all of my dolls), and sadly, these three are the only releases she has. I wish they made more of her (in G1 style). The quality of my photos varies, depending on how well I feel. April has been pretty weak so far, except for yesterday's pic, I kinda like that one (coming soon).

None of my dolls have been customized, a few of them are redressed, usually in different MH doll's stock.

March Top 5

[Image: e02d1386044211727f1f0327311c0fc7.jpg]
[Image: 84be43254183eb9dfab14310cb89f3ed.jpg]
[Image: 57792e65b69dc3946a49e386a5a9c9c8.jpg]
[Image: adcb3950514485f9ffd53ae78aaaaae7.jpg]
[Image: 41e456e84849fa896fd95b3ca2b5abf0.jpg]


April - part 1

Day 91
[Image: 311ae7f9600e920428cb0ed50a39dc61.jpg]
[Image: 5560189c9ef861fbdf611d8acebd7ecf.jpg]

Day 92
[Image: b5e0200e4d95e5d8283c711a9130cf01.jpg]

Day 93
[Image: d8e70c4f43346535617c53e83bf37671.jpg]

Day 94
[Image: 05d984cca236d58922894561ba70004a.jpg]

Day 95
[Image: 61c2113a506f90fe28f70c80d4d1011a.jpg]

Day 96
[Image: 9de0a04a094cb3a3abd49fb5ee31d894.jpg]
[Image: 1b978d1bf1e3ece02a234ac69cdf2853.jpg]
These weren't meant as pretty photos, I just wanted to take pic of those snowdrops, because they sprouted in completely unlikely place - I live on a very busy street and only the most durable plants can survive here without care, so this was like a little miracle. I wonder if someone planted them there...

Day 97
[Image: 87ad41b7b59d1537dcca357eff4ed017.jpg]

Day 98
[Image: f581a7e10e682974735207332a0b81cf.jpg]
Haaaaa haaaaa! I love the April Fools photo! She is so wicked! LOL

Elissabat is such a pretty MH release!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
Thank you! She is wicked, isn't she? "Off with your head!" is one of my favorite quotes, and I thought that turning it into April fools joke would be apt for her character.

Sig Elissabat has one of my favorite stock dresses, it's a pity that they de-gothified her later releases. I only have siggy and Ghouls' Getaway, because idea of vampire queen on tropical vacation was too hilarious to pass.


I use various 'special' days as an inspiration for this challenge, and yesterday was Cherish An Antique Day (it was also Unicorn Day, but I don't have any unicorns to take photos of) so I took Mad Hatter to visit my parents and their really old clock, and took some photos to celebrate the day.

Day 99

[Image: 8b8c09e4d3daabc7e59d092aeec8a3d9.jpg]

I also have some spare photos.

[Image: 8e8ecd2f119a210fa9dce459849640e2.jpg]

[Image: bbaf8eab9dc82cb8e976819d2e77c5c4.jpg]

[Image: 80416dfcbd03c77f99435cfd99b912be.jpg]

[Image: 4b72ba2fb82202032a9a601bd11010bd.jpg]

[Image: edd26e8aef3761ba0ffde93f695d415b.jpg]
And finally, I've caught up.

Day 100

[Image: 9256345c081a816d12326591b005a7ff.jpg]

I've been doing this crazy thing for 100 days! And I only died from it four times (or so)! I'm spent. But it's so much fun!
Congrats on making it to 100 days!!

Love the celebration pic using Freak du Chic line. Do you have the Clawdeen & Twyla from that line as well?
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The Steampunk Mad Hatter Pullip is becoming more difficult to resist with every photo you post! The Day 99 pics are especially nice with the warm wood tones of the old clock and the fascinating antique camera, both of which perfectly complement Hatter's steampunk style!

Congratulations on reaching 100 Days... and thank you for choosing to share your 100 Days Project with us on Dolly Market. Your Day 100 picture is such fun! You actually composed a special photo to mark the event! (I only snapped another quick, dull snapshot.) I have come to regret not picking up the Freak du Chic figures when they were released. I believe I only ever saw two of them in stores, so I would have had to order online even back then.
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
The Queen of Hearts April Fools photos and the Steampunk set are AWESOME! Wow!
The antique photoshoot is great! Congrats on making it to 100 days, and it was a cute idea to do a special photo. Wow, now you will have us thinking about what kind of pics to do for milestone photos.
[Image: 47807942631_5f998ec5a7_o.jpg]
[Image: 46617956492_0e037451bc_o.jpg][Image: 46617962422_dcf7bcbf7d_o.jpg][Image: 49783133076_e9a29f9010_o.jpg][Image: 49782607208_b108a0ee26_o.jpg]
I'm really enjoying your photos so far! Keep up the good work!
I adore the Freak du Chic photo (I have been searching for Honey Swamp in that series for months. No luck, that I can afford)

Oh those photos of steampunk Mad Hatter Heart I LOVE the doll, love the style, love the camera & especially love the clock. That series of photos is just stunning.
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Thank you, everyone!

It's great to know that somebody out there enjoys what I do with this challenge.

@Lejays17 Thank you! I do have them both, FdC Clawdeen was featured on day 38 pic and also on day 40 army photo. And Twyla should appear later this week wink

@davidd I didn't resist Mad Hatter and I don't regret. She's a great gal! It was a fun photo session. I didn't even know dad had this camera, and as I was playing with Mad and the clock, he said 'wait, I've got something perfect' and pulled this little treasure out.

The celebratory milestone photo is actually Lejays' idea, she did it last year and I thought it was awesome. Actually, it's her 'fault' I'm doing this! I've never finished a single challenge, and I've only been trying to do a month-long ones. But watching her to stick to this for a whole year inspired me to give it a shot. I still don't know if I'm going to make it, but I'll do my best!

FdC is one of my favorite lines! As for hunting for them online, living in Czech Republic means you don't have many other choices, so I've made my peace with it. But, I'm basically wonk-blind, so that's a great advantage.

@dargosmydaddy Thank you!

@Alliecat Thanks! As I said, special milestone photo is Lejays' idea, and I totally stole it from her xd Thinking about what should I do for this photo was fun, and it made me think about what to do for 200 days pic, eventhough that one won't come for a while...

@Cornflower Blue Thank you! I'll try!

@Miss Edith Many thanks!
Day 101

[Image: 775b49a352b126056b1271c50dfc0b0d.jpg]

A very tired photo of my two Elis. Perhaps I celebrated 100 days too much LOL
Twice as much Elissabat fun! Heart 2 Heart 2
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
What a pretty pair! I like that Elissabat has a lot of purple.
these are the 2 Elissabats I love. They are just hangin' out wink Love it.
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